U.S. Bank Launches Services for Medical Institutions

U.S. Bank announced its intention to start providing small medical clinics with the same financial support as larger institutions of similar functional purpose.

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JPMorgan Representative Says About Problematic of Healthcare Payments

Brad Garfield, managing director and head of medical solutions at JPMorgan Commercial Banking, said there are many opportunities to improve the user experience in the healthcare sector in the financial aspect.


Amazon Expands Its Virtual Clinic to All 50 States

Amazon is expanding the regional reach of its Amazon Clinic virtual service to all 50 states and Washington, DC.

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Remedial Health Gets Fresh Funding From QED to Digitize Nigerian Pharmaceutical Sector

Remedial Health, a Nigerian startup bringing efficiency to the local pharmaceutical value chain has raised $12 million in Series A equity-debt funding to scale up operations


AWS Launches HealthScribe

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced its intention to help clinics save time spent on summarizing visits to medical institutions by patients.

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Modern Science In Healthcare – Faster Recovery And Well-Being

Diagnostics and illness management in healthcare have been substantially changed by technology. Inefficiencies are reduced through electronic recordkeeping, and quicker detection is made possible by cutting-edge diagnostic technologies.


American Hospitals Suffer Increase in Cyberattacks

In the United States, an aggravation of the problem of cyberattacks on hospitals has been recorded.


UK Touts £21 Million Fund to Extend AI Deeper Into National Health Service

The UK government has announced the allocation of funding in the amount of 21 million pounds to National Health Service (NHS) trusts.

Finance & Economics

ChrysCapital Invests $100 Million in Lenskart

ChrysCapital has directed investments in the amount of $100 million for the development of the Indian startup Lenskart, which specializes in the production of glasses.


Helium Health Gets $30 Million

The African startup Helium Health announced the attraction of investment funds in the amount of $30 million following the results of the Series B financing round.


Patient21 Raises $108 Million to Expand Digital Health Platform

Patient21, a German startup operating in the field of digital healthcare, announced plans to start working in new markets after attracting investment funds for $108 million.

Fintech & Ecommerce

Mastercard Partners HealthLock to Protect Consumers From Healthcare Fraud

In addition, the partnership between Mastercard and Healthlock will enable millions of Americans to protect themselves against claim errors and overcharges


How Much Will Medicare Cost in 2023?

Are you creating your yearly budget and want to track your spending on Medicare for 2023? The amount you pay will depend on the coverage you have and the services you receive, so here’s a round-up of the Medicare premiums that will apply to all beneficiaries, as well as some additional costs. Last September, the […]


A little girl died from dehydration: what is happening in Ukraine’s health care during the war

Russian troops are destroying hospitals all over Ukraine and attacking medical professionals

Science & Technology

Telemedicine to save healthcare industry over $20B in costs by 2025

This represents a growth rate of over 80% in the next four years