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H&M trials new marketplace model

H&M has started trials of its new marketplace model in Germany and Sweden, as per Ecommerce News. This means that online shoppers can now find items from third-party brands in the section of the website called ‘H&M with Friends’. If successful, the model will be extended to other markets. A month ago, H&M released its […]


IKEA and H&M close up shops in Russia

Dozens of Western companies have withdrawn or ceased operations in Russia in response to intrusions, sanctions and supply disruptions


Germany’s leading e-commerce stores unveiled

Every second online shop sells via marketplaces


H&M is facing a boycott in China

H&M products are now unavailable from sites such as JD.com and Alibaba

Finance & Economics

H&M expands its second-hand platform across Europe

Previously, it launched in Sweden and Germany

Finance & Economics

Swedish fashion giant tests selling external brands

H&M may change its business model in the near future