Quant Mutual Fund Faces SEBI Front-Running Probe

India’s first dedicated, direct-to-investor mutual fund, Quant Mutual Fund, is being investigated by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) over alleged front-running practices.

Fintech & Ecommerce

Indian Startup Zepto Targets IPO

The Indian startup Zepto, which specializes in carrying out activities to provide grocery delivery services to consumers, is currently preparing to go public.

Fintech & Ecommerce

Fintech Company Pine Labs Reportedly Weighs $1 Billion IPO in India

Pine Labs Pvt, the Asian digital payment provider backed by Peak XV Partners and Mastercard Inc., is currently considering raising about $1 billion in investment funds during an initial public offering (IPO) of shares in India.

Science & Technology

Google Launches Gemini Mobile App in India

Google has launched a dedicated mobile app with artificial intelligence in India called Gemini.

Society & Lifestyle

IFC and EPIC Group Partner to Support Sustainable Textile Manufacturing in Bangladesh and India

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) partnered with EPIC Group, a leading player in the global apparel industry and a sustainable fashion company, to help finance its green capital expenditure program and support sustainable textile facility expansion in Bangladesh and India.

Science & Technology

India’s AI Aspirations Raise Multibillion Investments

Currently, India is striving to develop as a kind of technological center and is making concrete efforts in a practical dimension aimed at achieving the corresponding goal, which already has certain results in the form of investments from companies belonging to the Big Tech category from abroad.


Indian Fintech Startups to Watch in 2024

For entrepreneurs and business owners, the fintech industry presents an exciting frontier of opportunities. The buzz surrounding fintech startups is hard to ignore, particularly in startup hotspots like India where the vibrant startup culture is driving forward innovation at an impressive pace.


Worldpay Says About Growth of Demand for Digital Wallets in China and India

Based in the United Kingdom, Worldpay, a company specializing in the implementation of payment transaction processing activities, has published a report according to which there is currently an increase in the use of digital wallets at the global level.


Study Shows Maturity of Startup Ecosystem in Southeast Asia and India

HubSpot surveyed 600 founders and startup leaders in Singapore, India, Indonesia, and the Philippines to discover that the Southeast Asia (SEA) and India regional ecosystems remain resilient and demonstrate significant signs of maturity.

Finance & Economics

Indian Stocks Demonstrate Record Highs

Indian stock markets on Monday, June 3, reached record highs amid news that experts predict the victory of the current Prime Minister of this South Asian country, Narendra Modi, in national elections.


India’s Economy Demonstrates Growth

India’s economy grew by more than 8% in the fiscal year that ended in March.


BharatX to Enter Healthcare Finance Segment With Zenifi Acquisition

BNPL fintech startup BharatX, backed by Y-Combinator, is ready to expand its services in the healthcare segment with the new acquisition of Zenifi.

Science & Technology

Big Tech Reportedly Asks India to Reconsider Antitrust Law

The media reported that lobbying groups representing the interests of technology giants from the United States have asked the Indian leadership to review the proposed antitrust law.


A Beginner’s Guide to Global Investing

The recent news of India’s tech sector surpassing $250 billion in revenue has many investors wondering whether they should be looking beyond their domestic market. The answer, for many, is a resounding yes. Global investing allows you to diversify your portfolio, tap into exciting growth opportunities, and potentially hedge against any wobbles in the UK […]

Fintech & Ecommerce

Google Opens Digital Wallet to Indian Consumers

Google’s digital wallet has become available to users of the services of this technology giant who live in India.


Investment Opportunities in India’s Energy Transformation

India is currently undergoing a green energy transformation to mitigate some of the worst pollution levels in the world. The country’s path towards a more sustainable future presents numerous investment opportunities in the development of clean energy infrastructure, power transmission and distribution projects, and improving the country’s energy security.