Senangdali & GoodTech to Offer Loan Protection Insurance in the Philippines

The new loan protection insurance product from Senangdali and GoodTech is specifically designed for rural banks in the Philippines.

Finance & Economics

Key Steps to Take Post-Car Accident in New Jersey: Avoiding Common Pitfalls

Being involved in a car accident in New Jersey can be a highly stressful and disorienting experience. Knowing what actions to take can ensure your safety and that of others involved. Here are the key steps you should follow to manage the situation effectively, avoid common pitfalls, and when to hire an NJ car accident lawyer […]

Fintech & Ecommerce

Discovermarket Insurtech Launches New Services in Philippines

discovermarket starts its operations in the Philippines by partnering with Globe Telecom to launch its embedded Personal Cyber Insurance product.

Society & Lifestyle

The Ripple Effect: Exploring the Financial Consequences of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle riding offers unparalleled freedom as you ride with the wind on long open roads. But remember, the thrill also comes with significant risks. Savannah Motorcycle Accident Lawyers emphasize that while the immediate aftermath of a motorcycle accident often highlights the physical injuries and damage to the bike itself, the incident’s financial repercussions can extend far […]


Cost-Effective Strategies for Managing Workers’ Comp Insurance

With its strategic central location and supportive economic policies, Missouri offers a thriving environment for businesses, ranging from startups to large corporations, enhancing opportunities for growth and innovation across the state.

Fintech & Ecommerce

Financial Longevity: Risks and Opportunities for Fintech

Is there anything better than to live long and prosper? If the first component of this equation is getting easier lately, having enough money to cover your retirement years is a great challenge nowadays. The studies of financial longevity reveal both risks and opportunities that financial institutions face as the worldwide average lifespan is continuously […]

Fintech & Ecommerce

SingSaver Introduces Tailored Travel Insurance by Allianz

Allianz Travel Hero insurance solution enables customers to tailor their insurance plans depending on the distance of their travel, or the length of their stay overseas.

Finance & Economics

Trustworthy Insurance Companies in UAE in 20024

The United Arab Emirates (UAE), a rapidly evolving and progressive country, is home to a robust and dynamic insurance sector that caters to diverse requirements and covers a broad spectrum of needs.

Fintech & Ecommerce

Insurtech Startups that Boost Insurance Accessibility in UAE

Insurance is an important aspect of one’s financial and social well-being. Modern technology facilitates and improves universal access to different insurance types and helps both sides settle claims seamlessly. In the UAE, health insurance is mandatory, so insurtech services target literally every Emirati citizen. 

Finance & Economics

Highly Reliable Insurance Companies in Qatar 2024

The Qatari insurance sector is a key cog in the country’s economic machine, playing an important role in managing risks and safeguarding the financial well-being of its people. This vibrant industry is marked by an energetic mix of government regulation, active state participation, and a tireless commitment to innovation and progression.


How to Fight Back When Insurance Companies Push You Around After an Accident

Dealing with insurance companies can add an unexpected layer of stress and confusion after an accident. This is particularly true when these companies employ tactics designed to minimize payouts and expedite claim settlements. Enlisting the support of a Lansing personal injury lawyer becomes invaluable, providing you with the expertise necessary to navigate these turbulent waters […]


How are Life Insurance Premiums Calculated?

When looking for life insurance, premium rates seem puzzling. Many factors go into pricing out coverage. Insurance companies try to estimate risk based on applicant traits like age, gender, health, habits, job, and more.


Choosing Excellence: A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Health Insurance Options in 2024

Finding the right health insurance to secure yourself and your loved ones during medical situations financially is an important decision. People explore plans based on their specific priorities – a young executive may emphasise covering specialist treatment, while a retiree would focus more on pre-existing illness protection.


Egypt Insurtech Landscape 2024: Overview

Insurtech is a rapidly developing segment of financial technologies. In Egypt, this sector is still in its early stages. However, that gives local insurtech providers even more opportunities to excel in the emerging market.

Science & Technology

AI and Fintech in Healthcare Financing

Healthcare expenses contribute to a large share of many households’ as well as state budgets. Financing healthcare service needs may be often challenging. However, innovative fintech solutions and artificial intelligence (AI) might make this task a bit easier.

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Premium puzzle: Do health insurance premiums increase every year?

The uncertainty surrounding premium fluctuations often confuses policyholders. The burning question persists: Do health insurance premiums increase every year?