JPMorgan Chase


JPMorgan CEO Criticizes Capital Rules Proposed by US Authorities

Jamie Dimon, chairman of the board and chief executive officer of JPMorgan Chase & Co, said he disagreed with the rules on capital that were proposed by regulators of the United States.

Blockchain & Crypto

JPMorgan Reportedly Considers Using Blockchain for Cross-Border Payments

The media reported that JPMorgan is currently exploring the possibility of using blockchain technology to create a digital deposit token.

Finance & Economics

JPMorgan Boosts Its Stake in Brazil’s C6 Bank

JPMorgan has announced an increase in its stake in a Brazilian digital bank called C6 Bank.

Fintech & Ecommerce

JPMorgan Representative Says About Problematic of Healthcare Payments

Brad Garfield, managing director and head of medical solutions at JPMorgan Commercial Banking, said there are many opportunities to improve the user experience in the healthcare sector in the financial aspect.


JPMorgan Сhanges Default Forecast for Emerging Markets

JPMorgan has made changes to the forecast for high-yield corporate default in global emerging markets, increasing the level of probability of this scenario.


El Salvador’s Dollar Bond Yields 70% Annual Return

El Salvador’s bond market has witnessed a strong rebound, despite the scepticism about the government’s decision to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender


TIFIN Launches Platform for Creating AI FinTechs

The wealth platform with integrated artificial intelligence TIFIN presented a new project, which is a kind of space for creating AI fintech firms.


JPMorgan Fund Bets Asia Chip Stocks

The $1.4 billion fund, which is currently managed by JPMorgan Asset Management, is betting on shares of Asian companies whose activities are related to the supply of chips and which are trying to catch up with their American counterparts.

Finance & Economics

JPMorgan Boosts Business

The March collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank was a kind of signal for JPMorgan to take action aimed at filling the vacuum in the part of the financial system where the interaction of creditors with startups was developing.

Science & Technology

JPMorgan Expects Cybersecurity Industry to Benefit from Generative AI

JPMorgan experts believe that in the IT industry, security in the virtual space will remain the most financially costly sector in the foreseeable future.

Society & Lifestyle

SEC Fines JPMorgan for $4 Million for Deleting 47 Million Emails

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) fined JPMorgan Chase $4 million.


JPMorgan Starts Euro Blockchain Payments for Corporate Clients

JPMorgan Chase & Co. announced the expansion of one of the largest projects in the framework of the implementation of digital technologies, including blockchain, in the field of traditional banking.

Fintech & Ecommerce

How to Use ChatGPT in Marketing

Generative AI has found its application in most possible industries that deal with customer service and creative tasks. Marketing shouldn’t lag behind, yet little is known about the use of the most popular generative chatbot ChatGPT for marketing purposes.

Blockchain & Crypto

JPMorgan Turns to Blockchain for Dollar Trades in India Hub

JPMorgan Chase, together with several Indian banks, will launch a project aimed at creating a blockchain-based platform.

Fintech & Ecommerce

JPMorgan Debuts B2B Payments Marketplace

JPMorgan Chase has provided business customers with expanded access to its $9.6 trillion payment network.


JPMorgan On Track to Deliver $1 Billion in Value Through AI

JPMorgan last Monday, May 22, held an investor day, during which the vectors of further activities of the bank holding were outlined, including intentions related to the use of artificial intelligence were announced.

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