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Science & Technology

Sentimental spending in Kenya is up 240% over past 10 years: research

Kenyans still want to splurge on their loved ones


Kenya Investment Authority developed investment tracking tool

This comes at a time when the demand for public administrative data and statistics increases in the country


Leading neobanks in Africa: top 7 digital-only banks

African neobanks stand out from the crowd by addressing a massive market with challenging economic conditions


Kenyan women enterprises will get $5B funding

Women-owned ventures in Africa will profit from the Africa Development Bank’s funding

Finance & Economics

Kenya unveils the amount of its national debt

Meanwhile, the country’s borrowing currently is at Ksh 7.1 trillion

Science & Technology

African car rental startup introduced its app

The app includes self-drive and chauffeur drive options

Finance & Economics

Non-graduate Kenyans can now apply for jobs in UK

Kenyans will now have more professional opportunities

Finance & Economics

Kenya is among the top Bitcoin traders globally

The recession caused by the coronavirus crisis also forced people to consider financial alternatives

Science & Technology

Kenyan smart addressing startup launches in Nigeria

Although the firm was impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, it was able to raise more money in fundraising

Finance & Economics

UK and Kenya entered into a trade deal

In the past two years, the UK has countersigned such deals in 14 African countries

Fintech & Ecommerce

M-Pesa evolution: from big button mobile phones to contactless cards

M-Pesa (translated, it means “mobile money”) — the payment system, which allows customers to use a mobile phone for financial management


How the postal service became a bank

Post offices are already competing with traditional bank branches

Fintech & Ecommerce

Alternative to banks: 5 mobile wallets for developing countries

Mobile wallets help to convert cash into digital money without depending on banks