Consortium wants to pilot European Digital Identity Wallet payments 

A consortium of government agencies and fintech providers from six European countries propose to launch a large-scale pilot to explore European Digital Identity Wallet payments


Which European countries don’t use the euro?

Do you know how many countries use the euro? Do you know which European countries have retained their own currency?

Finance & Economics

Latvia-based postal service provider builds home parcel locker network

The company has tested the open network of home lockers for some time now in Estonia as well


After raising €106M, Latvia’s first unicorn unveiled

The funding follows after a strong year of growth


Stripe Issuing service is now available in Europe

Stripe Issuing is giving businesses more control over how they spend their money


Unique or weird? Top 10 unusual world coins

Every year the number of unusual world coins is increased

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Revolut expands banking services across 10 European countries

Currently, the company serves over 15 million customers worldwide

Finance & Economics

Estonian postal company expands its network in Baltic states

The expansion concerns all of the 3 Baltic states, as parcel volumes have grown even more rapidly in Latvia and Lithuania