Lyft Stock Lost Three-Quarters of its Valuation This Year

Lyft went public in 2019 at $72 a share, but the stock closed lower than $10 for the first time this year

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Wave of Layoffs Covered the Tech Sector: Stripe, Lyft, Twitter – Who’s Next?

Stripe lays off 1100 employees, while Twitter workers are expecting an email to find out whether they are being dismissed

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Federal bill to change gig worker status: Uber, Lyft and DoorDash stock goes down

The stock prices of ride-hailing and delivery companies such as Uber, Lyft and DoorDash slid on Tuesday as the proposed labour law changes will directly affect gig workers 

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The most popular ride-sharing apps comparison

This article will help you compare some of those apps to choose the most suitable for your needs

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Here’s how coronacrisis impacted leading ride-sharing platforms

Lyft and Uber are facing a new reality that is impacting their financials


Lyft collaborates with an American bank

Lyft teamed up with Chase to create the best-in-class experience for its riders

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Uber’s rival becomes America’s largest bikeshare service

Lyft has acquired of America’s largest bikeshare service