Finance & Economics

NatWest Introduces Mastercard Business Savings to UK Debit Cards

NatWest Group, a UK-based banking firm serving commercial, retail, and private banking markets, recently partnered with Mastercard to reward small businesses with savings perks. The company introduced Mastercard Business Savings to its business debit card holders in the UK. The move aims to provide small and medium businesses with valuable savings opportunities. It offers cashback […]


Mastercard Presents P2P Pilot for Crypto Credential Tool

Mastercard has presented a milestone update for its cryptographic credential tool.


Mastercard and African Development Bank Group Collaborate to Provide Digital Identities

Mastercard and the African Development Bank Group have formed an alliance to provide access to critical services to 100 million people and businesses in Africa.


Mastercard Launches Domestic Payments Processing in China

Mastercard, having established a joint venture, has started domestic payment processing activities in China.

Fintech & Ecommerce

Mastercard Improves AI-Driven Fraud Defense

Mastercard is launching a partnership approach based on artificial intelligence to detect and prevent fraudulent activities involving the use of personal data and payments before the operations of criminals transform into victimizing consumers.


Behavioural Biometrics in Fintech: Revolution or Experiment?

When you deal with finances, secure authentication becomes a matter of the utmost importance. Biometric recognition was a revolutionary verification method that substituted passwords in many services, increasing both efficiency and convenience. Behavioural biometrics is now emerging as an alternative or supplement to fingerprints or iris scans. Is this next-gen biometric solution here to stay, […]


Mastercard and Visa Agree to $30 Billion Settlement

Visa and Mastercard, two of the world’s largest credit card networks, and banks that issue cards with these companies, have agreed to settle an antitrust case lasting almost 20 years initiated by merchants.

Fintech & Ecommerce

Mastercard Reveals Fresh Remittance Insights

The new Mastercard report focuses on key trends and opportunities to digitize remittance transfers in Latin America and the Caribbean where cross-border money transfers grow by 10% annually.


Mastercard Expands Cross-Border Payment Solutions

Mastercard announced the scaling of its solutions designed for international payment transactions.


Mastercard Launches Open Banking Powered Smart Subscriptions

Smart Subscriptions plugin leverages Mastercard Subscriptions Control solution, introduced in 2023, that allows consumers to cancel, pause and resume their subscriptions.

Fintech & Ecommerce

Mastercard Introduces Open Banking for Account Opening Program

The new core benefit program from Mastercard is aimed at select U.S. debit and prepaid products, designed to streamline and secure account opening with open banking capabilities.

Science & Technology

Amazon and Mastercard Join AI Safety Initiative

Amazon and Mastercard are among dozens of participants in a new initiative by the United States government aimed at providing security for artificial intelligence.

Fintech & Ecommerce

Mastercard Launches AI Model

Mastercard, which is one of the largest players in the payment industry, announced the creation of its artificial intelligence model.

Fintech & Ecommerce

Mastercard to Ease Adoption of Biometric Authentication

Mastercard announced the launch of the Mastercard Biometric Authentication Service, a solution designed to enhance security and provide maximum convenience for consumers.


Mastercard Extends RTP Partnership With The Clearing House

The extended multi-year partnership prolongs Mastercard’s role as the exclusive instant payments software provider for TCH’s RTP network, enabling partners to integrate new instant payment use cases.

Fintech & Ecommerce

Mastercard Pioneers Medical Claim Payment Solution

To support healthcare providers and insurance companies in dealing with claim approvals and payouts, Mastercard is introducing a medical claim payment solution in partnership with one of the leading financial institutions in India and Remedinet, a cloud-based health tech platform.