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How Are NFT Games Revolutionizing the Tech Industry?

NFT games revolutionizing the tech industry? You heard it right! It’s not just about having fun and killing time anymore; players can now earn valuable in-game assets, trade them on various marketplaces, and even use cryptocurrency to buy and sell them. This innovative concept of true ownership and value has created a new level of […]


The Top 5 Play-to-Earn Mobile Crypto Games

The Play-to-Earn gaming model is becoming ever more popular among players. This creative type of game allows users to benefit from their in-game possessions, creating plentiful earnings prospects.


Top 10 Ways to Make Money with Cryptocurrency in 2023

The top ways to make money with Cryptocurrency in 2023 are mainly from cloud mining, affiliate programs, and investing. Although it has only been around for a few years, cryptocurrency is quickly gaining popularity as a means of make money online. The market for cryptocurrencies is incredibly profitable. Cryptocurrency can be make money in a […]


Blur Introduces NFT Financing Loans

Blend which stands for Blur Lending is a new peer-to-peer lending option enabling collectors to buy blue-chip NFTs on the Blur NFT marketplace with a smaller upfront payment


Sotheby’s Metaverse Launches P2P Secondary NFT Marketplace

The Web3 arm of the famous auction house Sotheby’s has introduced another platform for trading digital art in the form of NFT


Romania Launches National NFT Marketplace

Romania’s Informatics Institute is to launch an institutional NFT trading platform, which is supposed to link the public and private sectors

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What is an iNFT?

Over the past two centuries, humanity has made significant progress in creating increasingly realistic representations of the world around us. Our ability to not only consume media, but also create new meaning and stories through it, defines us as “Homo Narrans.”

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Hugo Boss Adds NFC Tags to Headwear for Digital Twins Creation

Hugo Boss added equipped a selection of baseball caps with an NFC tag that enables purchasers to create NFT digital twins and dress their metaverse avatars


Solana Reveals Solution to Cut On-Chain Storage Costs

The new solution presented by Solana promises to cut the cost of minting 1 million NFTs on the network to nearly $110


Meta Winds Down NFT Service

Meta is terminating its short-lived NFT support service across its social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram

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Nissan Tries New Sales Avenues With Four Web3 Trademarks

Nissan enhanced its Web3 efforts with four new related trademarks filed in the US, while its Japan unit is currently experimenting with auto sales in the metaverse

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Robinhood Wallet Launches on iOS, Android Support Soon to Come

Robinhood Wallet, which launched its beta version in September, now rolled out full-scale for the one million customers on the waitlist


A Year of War in Crypto: Report Reveals Amount of Crypto Donations Sent to Ukraine and Russia

Ukraine has received over $70 million in crypto donations since the start of the full-scale Russian invasion, however, pro-Russian military groups also used cryptocurrency to fund their war efforts


The Government of Ukraine Launches NFT Cats Collection to Power Naval Drone Fleet

United 24, the official fundraising platform of Ukraine, launched by the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyi, announced the launch of the first national NFT collection featuring сats of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Proceeds from the NFT sale will help raise funds for a fleet of naval drones

Blockchain & Crypto

Final Fantasy Creator Focuses on Blockchain Gaming

Final Fantasy creator Square Enix aims to double its investments in blockchain gaming development, despite the decline of the overall crypto market


China to Launch State NFT Marketplace

Starting Jan. 1, 2023, China will launch its first state-backed platform for secondary NFT trading

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