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Chinese Banks Loans Hit All-Time Monthly High

During January, local financial institutions in China issued a record number of loans to citizens.


China Cuts Banks’ Reserve Ratio

The People’s Bank of China announced a deep cut in bank reserves on Wednesday, January 24.


China Injects $50 Billion Into Some Banks

Last month, the People’s Bank of China injected almost $50 billion into policy-oriented lenders.


China Leaves Lending Benchmark Rates Unchanged

In China, local financial authorities on Wednesday, December 20, decided to keep benchmark lending rates at a monthly level, which corresponds to preliminary market expectations and is a predictable action that does not go beyond the most likely scenarios.


China to Focus on Sustainable Growth

Pan Gongsheng, governor of the People’s Bank of China, said that at present, high-quality and sustainable growth is the most important for this country in terms of priorities related to the economic system.


China Injects Record Cash to Sustain Low Rates

Record cash infusion can help rates in China to remain low, motivating lenders to support a higher issuance of government bonds and make more loans to clients.


China to Make Its Business Environment More Friendly for Foreign Companies

The head of the central bank of China announced his intention to open up the country’s financial industry to closer cooperation with foreign companies and make the local business environment favorable for the activities of brands from other states.

Finance & Economics

China’s Central Bank Calls On Financial Sector to Help Fund Technology Research

The Central Bank of China has appealed to the local financial sector to provide material support, in this case, it means providing money, in conducting research in the area of technology and implementing mergers and acquisitions.


China’s Central Bank Warns Against ChatGPT Data Leaks

The Chinese Payment Association, whose activities are carried out at the expense of state funding, announced the potential danger of using generative artificial intelligence tools.

Finance & Economics

Cryptocurrency market crashed amid China crypto ban

The country has also warned investors against trading in digital currency


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