Fintech & Ecommerce

Revolut Launches New Solution for Businesses

Revolut Business has launched a new solution that will allow representatives of the area of entrepreneurship to overcome the problems associated with cross-border payment transactions.

Society & Lifestyle

Revolut Partners With Game4Ukraine to Fund School Reconstruction

In honour of the partnership with Game4Ukraine, Revolut will also donate £20 to UNITED24 (a charity initiative of the President of Ukraine) for every customer who signs up to Revolut through the link in @revolutapp’s stories or donation landing page and spends with their card

Fintech & Ecommerce

Revolut Launches Accounts for Non-US Citizens in US

Those who are lawfully in the US but don’t have SSNs can now get a Revolut account

Fintech & Ecommerce

Revolut US Payments Flaw Leads to $20 Million Theft

The media reported that due to shortcomings in the functioning of the Revolut payment system in the United States, criminals were able to steal money in the amount of two tens of millions of dollars.


Revolut Launches Instant Cashback Rewards in US

Revolut has launched a new feature in its US app that provides instant money back.

Fintech & Ecommerce

Revolut Launches in New Zealand

The British financial app Revolut has been launched in New Zealand.


Revolut Has a New Offering for Australian Businesses

Besides a new offering for businesses in Australia, the crypto-friendly digital bank Revolut is still looking to secure a banking license to expand its services UK-based fintech firm Revolut has launched international payments-focused accounts for business clients in Australia, looking to create an app or platform where “people can manage their entire financial lives in […]

Fintech & Ecommerce

Revolut to Begin Offering Loans in France

Revolut announced plans to expand activities in France over the next two years.

Finance & Economics

Revolut CFO Resigns Citing Personal Reasons

Revolut’s chief financial officer retired two years after starting work in the British fintech industry.

Fintech & Ecommerce

Revolut CEO Blames Banking Troubles for UK License Delay

The CEO of Revolut said that the recent turmoil in the banking industry caused the suspension of the banking license of this company in the UK.

Blockchain & Crypto

Revolut Launches Ethereum and Cardano Staking

Revolut will support staking a selection of tokens, with yields as high as 11.65%.

Finance & Economics

Revolut to Launch Ultra Premium Plan

Neobank Revolut will launch a new top-tier premium “Ultra” subscription plan by spring 2023


Revolut Hits 25 Million Customer Milestone, Eyes Global Growth

British neobank Revolut has topped 25 million customers worldwide, adding 5 million clients in the last four months


Top Neobanks 2022

Free debit cards, digitised account opening, personal finance advisory, instant payments, and many more features prompt retail customers and SMEs to choose neobanks over legacy institutions


Revolut launches account for freelancers

Revolut account for freelancers will first launch in the UK and other European countries


Revolut breach compromises data of 50,000 customers

Personal data of about 50,000 Revolut customers got exposed due to the cyber attack

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