Ripple (XRP)


SEC Wants to Dismiss Charges Against Ripple CEO and Co-Founder

The SEC previously accused Ripple co-founder Christian Larsen and Chief Executive Officer Bradley Garlinghouse of misleading investors on a $1B XRP sale.


SEC to Appeal in Ripple Case

The SEC asked Judge Torres to put the Ripple case on hold during the appeal, mentioning multiple other pending court cases that could be affected depending on the appeal’s outcome


Palau Government Teams Ripple to Pilot Stablecoin

The Republic of Palau collaborates with Ripple to launch a government-backed stablecoin on XRP Ledger


Terraform Labs Cites Ripple Ruling to Back Its Case, SEC Hints at Appeal

The SEC may appeal the court ruling in Ripple’s case after all, as other crypto firms such as Terraform Labs wish to use the legal precedent for their benefit


Ripple Court Ruling Explained: Consequences & Market Impact

One small step for Ripple, one giant leap for the crypto industry – here is how Ripple’s partial win in SEC lawsuit will impact the company and its competitors


Colombia’s Central Bank Chooses Ripple for CBDC Pilot

The pilot project will show whether Ripple’s new end-to-end CBDC platform could help boost Colombia’s high-value payment system

Blockchain & Crypto

Stakes Get Higher in SEC vs Ripple Case

As SEC is suing more and more high-profile crypto exchanges, all eyes are on the long-lasting Ripple case again

Blockchain & Crypto

Ledger is Looking to Onboard the Idle

Succeeding the plethora of fallen fraudulent crypto companies in disappointing the industry are the likes of Ripple and Ledger. Ripple, whose ongoing legal battle with the US SEC over its XRP token is believed to influence the entire crypto industry, is preparing to be an issuer of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) for governments, central […]