Robinhood Launches Credit Card for Its Gold Members

Robinhood launched the credit card as part of a continuing effort to expand the sphere of financial services.


Robinhood Jumps After Growth in Assets

The cost of Robinhood shares on Thursday, March 14, showed growth of nearly 9% after the company reported a significant increase in assets under custody over the past month.


Robinhood Targets New Products

As part of its future activity planning, Robinhood focuses on developing new products and expanding its global presence by launching businesses in new markets.


Robinhood Pulls Customers From Larger Brokers

Robinhood began to gain clients from more well-known brokers, including Fidelity and Charles Schwab.

Blockchain & Crypto

Robinhood Reports 75% Rise in Trading Volume

Digital asset trading volume on a crypto-friendly trading platform Robinhood grew 75% month-on-month in November.


Robinhood App Now Available in UK

UK customers can now trade US stocks via Robinhood brokerage without extra commission or foreign exchange fees.