Fintech & Ecommerce

Cash App Bitcoin Profit Surges 90%

Block’s Cash App generated $66 million in Bitcoin gross profit in Q4 2023, with the total amount of BTC sold to customers reaching $2.5 billion.

Science & Technology

Top Sustainable Cloud Solutions

Organisations of all sizes and industries commonly use cloud platforms for data storage, web application hosting and disaster recovery. As environmental concerns grow, modern businesses would like their cloud solutions to be not only secure but also sustainable. Let’s find out which cloud providers are the ‘greenest’ as of 2024. 

Science & Technology

Heroku is no longer free – are there any alternatives?

Heroku, a popular platform used by many programmers and developers from all over the world for web and app development has recently announced the shutdown of its free tier by November 28, 2022. On October 26, 2022, all inactive accounts will be removed from Heroku’s servers.


Genesys Acquires AI SaaS Startup Radarr

One of the leading US software companies, Genesys, has agreed to acquire Radar Technologies, which facilitates business decision-making, based on AI-driven real-time online conversation insights.


BlueLayer Works on Operating System for Carbon Project Developers

BlueLayer is currently working on creating a software platform designed to be used by developers of carbon projects.

Fintech & Ecommerce

South African Fintech Ukheshe Acquires EFTCorp

Ukheshe International, a South African fintech enablement partner and EFT Corporation (EFTCorp) will continue to operate as separate entities and maintain their respective brand identities after the acquisition.


N26 Rolls Out Stock & ETF Trading

German online bank N26 has launched the long-anticipated Stock and ETF trading product that will allow its customers to buy and sell stocks and ETFs in-app for 0.90 EUR per trade.


Synopsys to Buy Ansys

Synopsys, a developer of chip design software, announced the acquisition of Ansys, a maker of software that is used to create a variety of products, including tennis rackets and airplanes.


OpenAI to Add Monetization Feature to GPT Store

OpenAI has figured out a way for generative pre-trained transformer (GPT) creators to monetize their personalized AI systems with the help of its newly launched GPT Store marketplace.

Society & Lifestyle

The Benefits Of Using A Hospice Management Suite: Streamlining Operations And Improving Patient Care

As the healthcare industry undergoes rapid digital transformation, hospices are close behind. The advent of hospice management software has made it easier to manage the intricate patient and operational data in a hospice facility. These features have made hospice software an indispensable tool for medical professionals and caregivers to provide top-quality patient care. By investing […]


Streamlining Forex Trading: The Power of Automated Trading Software

Engaging in manual trading exposes the trader to repetitive routine processes, stress, and emotional decision-making. All of these factors hinder achieving optimal profits and competing with larger players.


N26 to Offer Stock and ETF Trading Via Upvest API

A new investment product for stocks and ETF trading created by N26 in partnership with Upvest is expected to launch in the first half of 2024.

Science & Technology

Climate Alpha Raises Seed Funding to Help Real Estate Sector Analyze Climate Change Impact

Singaporean startup Climate Alpha uses AI to enable real estate owners and investors to analyze the impact of climate change on their portfolios.

Blockchain & Crypto

CoinGecko Acquires Zash to Add NFTs to the Platform

Malaysia-based crypto firm CoinGecko has acquired NFT data infrastructure provider Zash to offer a single digital asset tracking solution that covers both fungible and non-fungible tokens.


5 Ways to Survive Holiday Expenses

Holidays are coming. As the cost of living increases, for many people, the holiday season brings not only joy but also headaches from trying to make ends meet. Don’t let multi-digit price tags scare your holiday spirit away. Here are some tips and tricks to help your budget survive holiday expenses.

Science & Technology

Wearable AI Virtual Assistant Launches With Microsoft, OpenAI Backing

The AI Pin device from the Humane startup is equipped with technology from OpenAI and cloud computing capabilities by Microsoft.