Science & Technology

Sony to Authenticate Camera Images With Digital ‘Birth Certificates’

The technology to be integrated into the Sony cameras’ hardware will create a digital “birth certificate” for every image they capture, helping creators to verify the origin of their visual content.

Science & Technology

Morgan Stanley Characterizes Microsoft and Sony as AI Winners in Games

Morgan Stanley analysts suppose that platforms such as Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox and Sony Group Corp.’s PlayStation will be the most clear-cut beneficiaries of the integration of artificial intelligence into the gaming industry.

Finance & Economics

Sony Expects Smartphone Market Recovery to 2024

Sony Group, the largest supplier of camera sensors for smartphones, has changed its forecasts regarding the expected timing of the recovery of consumer demand in the market of mobile phones.


Sony Invests in Web3 in New Collaboration

Sony Network Communications and Japanese Web3 company Startale Labs revealed a new business collaboration and a solid investment in developing a global infrastructure to support Web3 adoption

Finance & Economics

Microsoft announced its largest acquisition ever

The buyout comes just a year after Microsoft acquired Bethesda, another influential firm, for $7.5bn

Science & Technology

Cloud gaming to revolutionize the video game industry: GlobalData

Moving games to the cloud can promise a richer gaming experience and provider capabilities


Best NFC smartphones: how to pay with a mobile

NFC is a technology that enables payments