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Key 2024 Crypto Trends

Decentralisation is a keyword in the modern financial industry. The crypto segment is developing rapidly, with new trends shaping the future of decentralised transactions. Here is what to expect from the cryptocurrency field in 2024.

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SEC Officially Approves Spot Bitcoin ETF

After months of application revisions, bilateral meetings and media speculations, the first Spot Bitcoin ETF in the U.S. is finally approved by the SEC. Here’s how the landmark approval relates to public expectations.

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Grayscale Refiles Spot Bitcoin ETF Application

Grayscale submitted an amended S-3 filing that includes a cash-only creation model with the U.S. securities regulator.

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Spot Bitcoin ETF Is Inevitable. But Is It a Good Thing?

Spot Bitcoin ETF, or spot bitcoin exchange-traded fund, is an investment vehicle allowing ordinary investors to gain exposure to the price movements of bitcoin in their non-cryptocurrency brokerage accounts. Unlike bitcoin futures ETFs, which invest in derivatives contracts based on bitcoin prices, a spot bitcoin ETF directly invests in actual bitcoins as the underlying asset. […]