Blockchain & Crypto

Korean Prosecutors Seek Crypto Millions Tied to Do Kwon and TerraUSD

The South Korean prosecutor’s office said that Do Kwon, after his arrest at the end of March, was able to withdraw tens of millions of dollars from an organization that is associated with his blockchain project, which suffered a crushing failure.


Circle to Replace USDC With Native Arbitrum Version

USDC stablecoin developer Circle will launch the “official” version of its token running natively on the Arbitrum network


Tether Recovers All Value After 2022 Crash

Stablecoin Tether Holdings Ltd. restored the entire market value of about $20 billion.

Finance & Economics

Bank of England Says Stablecoin Use Need Limits

The Deputy Governor of the Bank of England, John Cunliffe, admitted that, with a high degree of probability, regulators will be forced to introduce restrictive measures regarding the possibility of using stablecoins to perform payment financial operations.

Fintech & Ecommerce

U.S. Lawmakers Set to Examine Future of US Stablecoins

In the United States, hearings are due to take place this week, according to the results of which local legislators will decide on the future of stablecoins.


Mastercard Integrates With a Stablecoin Digital Wallet

Mastercard collaborated with the Australian stablecoin platform Stables to allow retail customers in the APAC region to spend their stablecoins


Swiss Bankers Association Considers Joint Deposit Token

The Swiss Bankers Association released a white paper suggesting the digitalisation of the Swiss financial system requires a Swiss franc joint deposit token


NAB Completes Cross-Border Multicurrrency Stablecoin Pilot

The National Australian Bank (NAB) has completed an intrabank cross-border transaction using its minted stablecoin.

Finance & Economics

Circle Finds New Banking Partner After SVB Failure

The stablecoin issuer Circle, affected by the recent closures of crypto-friendly SVB and Signature Bank, has found a new banking partner recognised for its services to Visa and Coinbase

Blockchain & Crypto

Binance to Convert Recovery Funds From BUSD to ‘Native Crypto’

Reacting to the sudden collapse of the most crypto-friendly US banks, Binance CEO and co-founder Changpeng (CZ) Zhao reconsidered the firm’s recovery funds, aiming to change them into native crypto

Blockchain & Crypto

Bybit Rolls Out Crypto-To-Fiat Debit Card

Crypto exchange Bybit has launched the first phase of the rollout of Mastercard crypto-to-fiat debit card, which supports a number of blue-chip cryptocurrencies

Fintech & Ecommerce

Mastercard Partners Immersve to Support Web3 Payments

Mastercard partnered Web3 payment protocol Immersve to enable users to conduct Web3 crypto payments via USDC token settlements


Crypto Outflows Surge Amid SEC Crackdown

Institutional investors are massively withdrawing crypto funds as the SEC targets more and more aspects of the crypto industry in the US, making it harder for crypto trading platforms to provide custody, minting and staking services


New York Regulators Crackdown on Binance

The company’s complaints to the New York regulator were followed by Paxos being ordered to cease minting Binance BUSD stablecoin.

Blockchain & Crypto

PayPal Pauses Stablecoin Project

PayPal temporarily stops the implementation of the stablecoin project.


Tether Announces $960 Million In Excess Reserves

Tether has published a report according to which there are excess reserves and the transfer of assets to treasury bills.

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