Yellow Card Introduces PayPalUSD Stablecoin First in Africa

Yellow Card fintech has launched PayPalUSD paving new ways for digital financial transactions between Africa and the United States.


Crypto Grows in Africa and MENA as Shield Against Inflation

Bitcoin remains the most dominant cryptocurrency in Sub-Saharan Africa, while rising inflation makes Turkey the fourth country worldwide in raw crypto transaction volume rating.

Blockchain & Crypto

Grab Launches Web3 Experiences Powered by Circle

South-East Asian super-app Grab has enhanced its services with a Web3 offering supported by the USDC issuer Circle


G20 Countries Call for Rapid Adoption of Global Cryptocurrency Rules

The heads of the G20 countries called for measures to be taken and intensive work to implement global rules in the area of cryptocurrencies as soon as possible.

Blockchain & Crypto

Central Bank of Colombia Backs Partial Restrictions on Use of CBDC

Last week, the central bank of Colombia released a report suggesting that limiting CBDC with a high degree of probability may be the right strategy for a financial institution.


PayPal Launches New Crypto Feature: Select Users Are Soon to Test Cryptocurrencies Hub

To be eligible for the new Cryptocurrencies Hub, a PayPal user must have “a personal PayPal account and a Balance Account in good standing”

Blockchain & Crypto

Crypto Company Circle to Expand Its Product Line

The Circle Internet Financial crypto company hopes that its $1 billion cash reserve will allow it to withstand the process of competition from so-called non-crypto firms like PayPal Holdings.

Blockchain & Crypto

Japanese Fintech Soramitsu to Develop Asian Cross-Border Payments System Using CBDCs and Stablecoins

Cambodia’s central bank digital currency (CBDC), Bakong, will become the foundation for an expanding international payment system for Asian countries

Blockchain & Crypto

PayPal Launches Stablecoin

PayPal Holdings rolls out a stablecoin.


Curve Finance Exploit Brings Losses of $47M

Hackers were able to steal over $47 million from several stable pools at Curve Finance – an exchange liquidity pool on Ethereum


Terraform Labs Cites Ripple Ruling to Back Its Case, SEC Hints at Appeal

The SEC may appeal the court ruling in Ripple’s case after all, as other crypto firms such as Terraform Labs wish to use the legal precedent for their benefit

Finance & Economics

Myanmar Shadow Government to Launch Neobank to Finance Fight Against Military Junta

The shadow government of Myanmar, the National Unity Government (NUG), plans to create a neobank, whose activities will be carried out on the Polygon platform.

Blockchain & Crypto

Aave Introduces GHO Stablecoin

Crypto lender Aave presented his first stablecoin called GHO.

Blockchain & Crypto

Hong Kong Eyes Stablecoin Regulatory Regime by 2024

While the Western world is discussing the regulation of stablecoins, Hong Kong is taking concrete measures to create a regulatory framework for the process of using cryptocurrency, which is tied to traditional financial assets.


Korean Prosecutors Seek Crypto Millions Tied to Do Kwon and TerraUSD

The South Korean prosecutor’s office said that Do Kwon, after his arrest at the end of March, was able to withdraw tens of millions of dollars from an organization that is associated with his blockchain project, which suffered a crushing failure.

Blockchain & Crypto

Circle to Replace USDC With Native Arbitrum Version

USDC stablecoin developer Circle will launch the “official” version of its token running natively on the Arbitrum network

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