Sustainable finance


MAS to Invest S$35 million to Upskill Sustainable Finance Specialists

The Sustainable Finance Jobs Transformation Map (JTM) laid out by MAS aims to support upskilling and reskilling in the financial sector and develop a new range of specialists in sustainable finance over the next three years.


Climeworks Solutions Fast-Track Carbon Removal

Climeworks extends its DAC offering with Climeworks Solutions – holistic carbon removal portfolios tailored to the individual needs of different companies.

Finance & Economics

Green Finance Becomes a New Norm: Research

The new LBBW study “Sustainability and Green Finance” confirms that combining finance with sustainable aspects is increasingly becoming normal rather than exceptional.


Sustainable Miners to Suffer Less From Bitcoin Halving

Bitcoin halving event is typically a challenging period for the miners, yet those who operate based on energy-efficient models are more likely to keep operations profitable during that time, explain U.S. mining firms.

Blockchain & Crypto

How Bitcoin Mining Promotes the Transition to Renewable Energy

Eco-activists have long been opposing crypto mining due to its perceivably high energy intensity. What if I tell you that Bitcoin mining can not only be sustainable but also promote the global transition to renewable energy? 


IFC Launches AI Tool for Sustainable Investments

MALENA from IFC leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to transform environmental, social, and governance (ESG) analysis for emerging markets and facilitate sustainable investments.


Emerging Renewable Energy Trends

Green energy is gaining traction, as numerous government and private initiatives vow to boost renewable energy transition across the globe. What does 2024 have in store for the renewable energy market? Let’s look at the most vivid tendencies and trends that will shape the industry this year.


BIS to Focus on Cybersecurity, CBDCs and Green Finance in 2024

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) announced its work program for the year, which includes six new projects exploring the issues of cybersecurity, fighting financial crime, CBDCs and green finance.

Finance & Economics

World Bank Aims to Surpass $40 Billion Climate Funding Goal Next Year

The World Bank Group – the biggest provider of climate finance to developing countries – is now aiming for 45% of all financing to go toward climate projects by 2025.

Fintech & Ecommerce

Karma Wallet Secures Over $2 Million for Sustainable Finance

Karma Wallet, an innovative company in the sphere of sustainable finance, has announced the launch of its eponymous card.

Finance & Economics

Russia’s Sanctioned Sovcombank Applies for US Licence to Make UN Climate Payments

Sovcombank, one of Russia’s major financial institutions, sanctioned by the US, UK and EU, has applied to the US Treasury for a licence to make membership payments to a United Nations climate funding programme.

Fintech & Ecommerce

What Are Smart Ration Cards and How do you Get One?

With the advancement of technology, food distribution among the poorest of the poor has become “smarter” with smart ration cards. What those are and how to use them in different regions of India – here is a handy guide for all those concerned.


The Future of Sustainable Finance: A Glimpse into ESG Investments

Introduction In the dynamic world of finance, a transformative approach is steadily gaining traction – the integration of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors into investment strategies. This approach is not just a trend but a reflection of a deeper understanding of how these factors can influence a company’s financial performance and societal impact. Let’s […]


Kenyan President Showcases Africa as Climate Financing Opportunity

Kenyan President William Ruto opened the first climate summit in Africa, drawing hundreds of millions of dollars in climate financing pledges


Where Fintech and Sustainable Fashion Collide: How Financial Technology Can Help You Tame Your Consumerism

Fashion is the opposite of sustainability. Trends come and go every season, asking for a total wardrobe revamp. Most fashionistas are also shopaholics, driving the surge in both clothing sales and resources used for its production. These stereotypes have formed over many decades, but it’s time for them to become relics. New generations are calling […]

Science & Technology

How AI Can Facilitate Sustainable Investing

In the age when threats of climate change and global warming are pressing, every government and business must know about AI potential for promoting sustainable investing