Blockchain & Crypto

Are you making these crypto mistakes?

These are the worst crypto mistakes experienced investors recall on Reddit


Lightning Network: what it is and how it works

Lightning Network is a relatively new, but solid solution

Finance & Economics

Throwback Thursday: The most notable pyramid scams

Luckily, most of the pyramid schemes collapse very quickly


Throwback Thursday: 10 greatest IPOs in history

We offer you the list of the top 10 staggering global IPOs


Amazon and its fintech ecosystem

On the 26th anniversary of Amazon, let’s remember how it evolved from an online store to the whole fintech ecosystem


Throwback Thursday: Deliveroo’s way from a dream to $2B

Find out about the history, features, pros & cons of Deliveroo


Throwback Thursday: how Inditex became the leading clothing company

The story of the world’s biggest clothing company

Finance & Economics

Throwback Thursday: the complete guide to POS

Definition, history, and utilization of the points-of-sales


Throwback Thursday: Worldpay’s ecosystem

What does Worldpay, one of the largest payment services companies worldwide, offer?


Throwback Thursday: Chinese payment giant UnionPay

UnionPay is one of the largest card payment organizations worldwide


Inside and outside: how does ATM work?

 Wondering how does ATM work?

Finance & Economics

How IKEA became the world’s largest furniture retailer

Let’s learn the history of IKEA, its current position and what skeletons are hidden in its closet

Fintech & Ecommerce

Japanese fintech brand JCB: history and key products

JCB is one of the five largest payment systems in the world


Stones as means of payment: the story behind Island of Yap money

Find out the exciting story about Island of Yap money


Breakthrough Prize: how to get $3 million

The Breakthrough Prize is a brilliant example of a global initiative that celebrates the power of the human mind

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