Meta Plans to Bring Its Mixed Reality Headset to China

Meta Platforms Inc. has approached the conclusion of a deal that will provide this technology giant with the opportunity to supply a mixed-reality headset to the Chinese market.


Tencent Plans to Unveil AI Model

Tencent has been testing a proprietary AI model internally across different business segments, including advertising and fintech.


Tencent and its fintech ecosystem

Today, on November 11, Tencent celebrates its 23d anniversary

Finance & Economics

JD and Tencent announced launch of Cloud Warehouse

JD Logistics said it would upgrade its cloud warehouse strategy to support partners in sales, technology, and ecosystem build-up


Cloud gaming to revolutionize the video game industry: GlobalData

Moving games to the cloud can promise a richer gaming experience and provider capabilities


Tencent partners automaker Geely on smart car tech

The agreement between these companies is another milestone in automotive and IT cross-industry cooperation


China fines Alibaba and Tencent: reason unveiled

According to the notice, the firms will be fined $76,000


Top 10 largest companies of the world

Today’s top chart has gathered the behemoths of the corporate world

Fintech & Ecommerce

How does WeChat Pay work

The company gradually makes this wallet available for foreign customers

Science & Technology

Study reveals major driver of business digitalization

Many enterprises around the world are in need of advancing their digital ecosystems