UBS CEO Sees Good Momentum in Recovering Credit Suisse Funds

Sergio Ermotti, Chief Executive Officer of UBS Group AG, said that in this quarter there is a good dynamic of the return of funds that customers withdrew from Credit Suisse before the takeover.


UBS Outlines Major Targets for Its Integration of Credit Suisse

UBS Group AG has outlined the main goals of integration with its former competitor Credit Suisse.

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UBS to Pay Over $1 Billion to Settle Fraud Claims

It became known that the Swiss bank UBS agreed to pay $ 1.4 billion as part of the settlement of claims of involvement in fraudulent activities in the United States, which became a kind of premise of the financial crisis that broke out in 2008.

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Federal Reserve Fines UBS

The Federal Reserve System last Monday, July 24, announced the application of sanctions in the form of fines against UBS due to the practice of committing misconduct by Credit Suisse in risk management of Archegos Capital Management, an investment fund that declared bankruptcy in 2021.


Bank of China Investment Arm Issues Tokenised Notes

The new tokenised notes are the first product of its kind not only in China but also the whole Asia Pacific region constituted under Hong Kong and Swiss laws and tokenised on the main Ethereum blockchain

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UBS to Complete Credit Suisse Takeover by June 12

UBS expects to finalize its takeover of Credit Suisse as early as June 12, emerging from this rescue deal as a giant Swiss bank with a balance sheet of $1.6 trillion


UBS Sees $35 Billion Gain on Credit Suisse

UBS Group AG expects to make a profit of about $34.8 billion following the emergency takeover of Credit Suisse Group AG.

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UBS to Buy Credit Suisse, While Central Banks Try to Soothe Market Turbulence

UBS Group will buy Credit Suisse Group for 3 billion Swiss francs ($3.23 billion) in a historic deal backed by Swiss authorities, as problems in the global banking sector persist

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Who Is and Isn’t Feeling the Unofficial Recession?

“The credit market is clearly telling the equity market: we don’t see a recession, and if we do see one, it will be a mild one,” says head of international fixed income at NatAlliance Securities, as quoted by the Financial Times. And yet, the current inflation is deemed “the hottest” in four decades. The first […]

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UBS Enables Remote ID Verification with NFC and Biometrics

Swiss customers can now open a bank account using their mobile phones and biometric passports

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UBS expands cloud partnership with Microsoft

Half of UBS applications will move to the Microsoft Azure cloud environment over the next five years


SEC could charge $1 billion over bankers’ WhatsApp messages

SEC is investigating the cell phone use of Wall Street executives and employees: private messages should not discuss investment terms, client meetings and other business

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Big banks get fined over customer ID and opening fake accounts

SEC and CFPB charged leading US banking institutions over deficient customer identity programs and opening unauthorized accounts


Top 10 banks that are investing in blockchain

Let’s find out what financial institutions are investing in the blосkсhаіn technology more than others