Wise & IndusInd Bank to Bring Low-Cost Remittance to India

IndusInd Bank’s customers can access Wise international money transfers directly through the Indus Fast Remit platform: what benefits does it bring?

Fintech & Ecommerce

Prospects of Money Transfer Apps

Many digital applications help people store and transfer their money securely, ensuring quick transfers, including international ones, without large commissions.


Wise Joins G-P to Power Global Contractor Payments

Wise collaborated with the global employment platform G-P to deliver flexible payment options for businesses that work with international freelancers and contractors


Wise Prepares to Launch Investing Product in Europe

Securing a license in Estonia provides Wise with an opportunity to expand its Assets investing service across Europe


Financial institutions pledge to lower remittance fees to Ukraine

As remittance now plays a vital role in the war-torn economy of Ukraine, global financial leaders commit to lowering the fees 

Science & Technology

International Digital Remittances To Surpass 2 Billion Transactions Globally By 2027: Juniper Research

84% growth in international digital remittances will be driven by accelerated adoption


Instant Money Transfer to India

Remittance flows are a vital source of income for many Indian families. Therefore, instant money transfer is often crucial to the households’ well-being 


Plaid & Wise made an open finance agreement: now Wise customers can connect to thousands of apps

Integration with Plaid’s open finance tool Core Exchange will allow Wise users to connect their Wise USD local account to thousands of other financial apps


How Global Fintech Companies Are Reacting to Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Alex Malyshev  CEO at SDK.finance   As nations worldwide continue to sanction Russia in condemnation of their invasion of Ukraine, companies have now joined the movement to exclude the Russian government — and sometimes Russians— from their list of clients. Some of these companies have decided to ban them as a recommendation to the international […]


Wise rolled out account and card allowing users hold 54 foreign currencies 

Users can also convert currencies without exchange rate markups since the currencies are converted