Top 10 online fintech courses for every taste and pocket

Are you interested in financial innovations? Check out our list of online fintech courses

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Top 10 online fintech courses for every taste and pocket. Source:

Studying online is convenient and flexible. You manage your own time and can study even while working full-time or being a stay-at-home parent. At the same time, you’ll earn the same valuable credentials from top universities as on-campus students receive.

Fintech knowledge is not an exception. You don’t necessarily need to visit in-class courses to become a good professional. There are many great online courses to suit this purpose. Moreover, there are plenty of public funding and student loan options available too. If you’re already paying on some past debt, then you might even be able to refinance student loans to consolidate debt and hopefully secure a more favorable interest rate. Here are the top ten curricula to learn fintech.

10 online fintech courses

Course Required time Price
FinTech Professional Certificate Program by the University of Hong Kong (edX) 6 weeks $357.30
Oxford FinTech Programme 8 weeks £2650
FinTech and the Transformation in Financial Services by CBS 3 months free
Around Fintech in 8 Hours 30 modules £299
FinTech Law and Policy by Duke University 12 hours free
Online Certificates from the Blockchain Council 6 hours $129
FinTech Foundations and Overview 12 hours free
Fintech – Innovative Banking Course 2 days £2950
AI in Finance 4 modules £499 or £718
Fintech Risk Management 14 hours free


Let’s find out more about what we can learn with each of the fintech courses listed above.

FinTech Professional Certificate Program by the University of Hong Kong (edX)

The program covers a wide spectrum of subjects necessary for successful experts in finance and technology including business & management, economics & finance, computer science, and law.

The course offers comprehension of such vital interdisciplinary topics as cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, AI and Big Data. Those are technological factors that reshape the modern financial world.

Currently, the program cost is $357.30. It consists of three courses; each of them lasts 6 weeks while the average time spent studying equals 1-3 hours per week.

fintech courses

Oxford FinTech Programme

This intensive course from one of the leading universities worldwide lasts 8 weeks plus an introductory orientation module. Your average load will vary from 7 to 10 hours a week, so prepare to work hard.

During the course, students will collaborate with global industry leaders. They get knowledge about market trends, future perspectives, and vast possibilities of disruptive technologies such as blockchain or AI.

The program covers both topics necessary for founding a startup and those essential in upgrading existing financial services.

The price is £2650. The certificate can be sent to you via international shipment and will prove you are able to become a future-minded financial innovator.

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FinTech and the Transformation in Financial Services by CBS

Copenhagen Business School (CBS) has developed this program with joint expertise from North American and European finance industries. It covers the topics of business ecosystems and digital platforms. The program also shares some business tricks from leading digital financial companies, for example, PayPal, Saxo Bank, and MobilePay.

This specialization includes 4 separate courses as Digital Competition in Financial Services, FinTech and the Transformation in Financial Services, Innovation Strategy: Developing Your Fintech strategy, and the Capstone Project – Digital Transformation of Financial Services.

All the gained knowledge will be tested and implemented in the final hands-on project. This will show your level of competence and readiness to receive the certificate.

Courses are designed for fintech beginners. Background knowledge is an advantage but not a must. They take approximately 3 months with the required study load at least 6 hours a week.

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Around Fintech in 8 Hours

This brief course is designed for busy professionals and provides practical knowledge from 20 leading experts. Those are 4 lecturers from Oxford Said Business School, Imperial College, Hong Kong University, and Singapore Management University and 16 fintech innovators, entrepreneurs, and investors.

The course costs £299 and it lasts only a few weeks. Students can work at their own pace with no set completion time.

It consists of 30 modules. Each of those contains 1 video lecture, 1 Expert’s interview, and curated readings.

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FinTech Law and Policy by Duke University

This course gives critical insights into the regulatory, legal, and policy issues arising in the fintech sector. This knowledge is very useful for both beginner startuppers and acting entrepreneurs who want to enhance their understanding of the legal field their business functions in.

Digital financial transactions are especially tricky this way, so one must keep abreast of modern policies to provide safe and secure fintech services.

The course is brief and takes only about 12 hours to complete.

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Online Certificates from the Blockchain Council

There are two separate options for those eager to master blockchain technology: expert and developer. The courses take 6 and 8 hours respectively and can be taken on both a full-time and part-time basis.

The Expert course costs $129. It will enable learners to create blockchain-based applications. Basic knowledge of Computer Science is required.

The Developer certificate is aimed at programmers and developers who want to expand their knowledge in the distributed ledger technology. Participation costs only $99.

These are the short and informative courses for those wanting to upgrade their CVs and professional experience in this particularly influential sphere of fintech.

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FinTech Foundations and Overview

A special course for beginners who lack a basic understanding of the industry. Ideal for those aiming to radically change their specialization. It also serves as an introductory part of a larger program FinTech: Finance Industry Transformation and Regulation Specialisation developed by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology that offers No.1 EMBA programs in the world.

The course is friendly for foreign learners, providing subtitles in English, Arabic, and simplified Chinese.

It features 7 hours of video material. Approximately 5 more hours of further study will be required to complete a final project.

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Fintech – Innovative Banking Course

This course was developed by the Imperial College Business School. It takes only 2 days and costs £2950.

It focuses on a few fintech topics that might present a particular interest to bankers. Those are blockchain, digital identity, and digital money along with digital payments.

The program includes presentations, individual learning, group work, and high-impact discussions. Participants will not only learn about the technical aspects of disruptive innovations but also practice organizational skills needed to redefine corporate culture within their enterprises and banks.

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AI in Finance

This CFTE course presents opportunities, challenges, and future applications of AI in the fintech sector. It features the insights of 5 senior lecturers and 18 guest speakers who are world-class experts in the fintech field.

It includes video lectures, interactive quizzes, and readings. The real-life examples are provided by CEOs, senior leaders, financial investors, and regulators, who are implementing AI in financial services worldwide.

The course’s 4 modules will give a deep understanding of machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and machine vision. Those are the main technologies forming AI algorithms. Topics also cover implementation strategy, ethics, and stakeholders’ role.

The price is £499. If you wish to take an upgraded version – there’s a joint course “Fintech Foundation Course + AI in fintech”. This all-around program costs £718.

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Fintech Risk Management

Last but not least free course from Coursera offers the unique opportunity to understand risk management and corporate governance in the finance industry. Lectures cover maintaining operation, reputation, and the stability of finance firms in changing digital circumstances. They also pay a lot of attention to IT compliance and fintech regulations.

This program is also part of the FinTech: Finance Industry Transformation and Regulation Specialisation project. You can take it separately if you’re already familiar with the basics.

It takes about 14 hours to complete the course. The enrolment option is available immediately.

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