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JCards Launches Time-Tracking App for Mobile Workforces

JCards has launched an application for tracking working hours, which is designed for mobile employees.

JCards Launches Time-Tracking App for Mobile Workforces


The company’s press release, published on the occasion of the launch of the new product, states that firms in the construction sector, the trade industry, and other areas that simultaneously operate at several sites can use this application to track the working hours of employees.

The developers of the application note that in the workplace, getting the most out of the team comes down to time management, because time is money. They call their product a solution that can change the rules of the game. The app allows mobile employees to accurately record their time and share location and progress information.

For managers, the application provided functions with which they can assign tasks, schedule jobs, track the progress of tasks, monitor employee movements using GPS, and generate detailed reports on work hours and productivity.

The press release says that as an alternative to paper tracking of working hours, the JCards solution is easy to use and cost-effective. Attention is also separately focused on the fact that cumbersome time management and administrative practices force enterprises to spend additional money and time instead of focusing on the main goals and objectives.

Timerack CEO Adam Day, during a conversation with media representatives in 2021, announced the existence of many opportunities to optimize the process of tracking working hours using sophisticated technologies. He noted that this option is more effective compared to paper and physical timesheets.

These technologies track working hours and attendance to provide information to payroll specialists. Biometric identity verification and geo-tracking help employers increase the level of efficiency of workforce management.

Connecting accountants and payment system providers to time-keeping data can also become a full-fledged alternative to manual and double data entry. This was stated by OnTheClock business partner Mark Matthews in 2019. He noted that accounting and payroll are interdependent functions.

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