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Asia Innovations Group Adds AI-Powered Capabilities to eCommerce Platform

Asia Innovations Group (ASIG) has announced the addition of artificial intelligence (AI)-based capabilities to its e-commerce platform.

Asia Innovations Group Adds AI-Powered Capabilities to eCommerce Platform


Singapore-based Hekka’s international online marketplace now uses its ASIG_AIGC platform to provide images of products created with artificial intelligence for use in ads, and ChatGPT OpenAI to create product descriptions. This is stated in the ASIG press release.

Chairman of the Board and CEO of ASIG Ouyang Yun stated that the successful introduction of ChatGPT and ASIG_AIGC technologies into Hekka’s activities is an organic part of the process of implementing the company’s strategy aimed at the continuous introduction of innovative solutions in the industry. He also noted that the use of innovative products allows businesses in the field of e-commerce to significantly reduce costs and at the same time improve user experience. Another advantage of innovation is to increase the level of competitiveness.

Now technology is available in Hekka for sellers, with the help of which the text can be qualitatively modified by creating an image from it that provides customers with complete information about the product. Sellers in this way can save 95% of material costs and time, which cannot be avoided in the case of traditional photographing of goods.

Another recent technology, ChatGPT, allows you to create product descriptions in large volumes, taking into account search engine optimization (SEO).

The press release says that in combination with ASIG_AIGC and ChatGPT technologies, the overall efficiency of Hekka e-commerce and traffic conversion increased by 69% and 43%, respectively.

Artificial intelligence has already become a tool with which you can achieve significant results in the field of trade. These technologies allow sellers to develop the concept of effective market positioning, expand the customer base and reduce costly returns.

The Instacart grocery delivery platform uses artificial intelligence to develop the Ask Instacart feature, which provides answers to customer requests as they compile shopping lists.

Coca-Cola plans to use generative artificial intelligence technology to improve marketing strategies and consumer experience.

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