2019 holiday shopping behavior in the UK revealed

A typical household spends over £800 extra in December

holiday shopping behavior

2019 holiday shopping behavior in the UK revealed. Source:

According to the Bank of England, an average customer in the UK spends over £2,500 per month. However, when it comes to holidays, their spending habits change dramatically.

UK customers have shown a boost in spending during December 2019. Compared to the typical month, books have increased to 85% in sales, whereas alcohol has risen to 30% and food to 20%.

The Bank’s report reveals that the way people buy things is changing. The value of online shopping has nearly doubled over the past 5 years. It now accounts for £1 in every £6 they spend.

Such events as Black Friday and Cyber Monday mean customers spend more in November as well, taking into account that many shops have moved from one-day to a week-long event.  This way, retailers aim to attract more customers to buy gifts earlier.

Although consumer spending rose by nearly 10% between November and December, on a seasonally-adjusted basis it actually fell.


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