UnionPay reveals its acceptance index out of mainland China

UnionPay mobile payment services provide users with payment simplicity and a wider variety of services while traveling abroad

UnionPay acceptance index

UnionPay reveals its acceptance index out of mainland China. Source:

According to UnionPay International (UPI), there are 28.5 million merchants outside mainland China accepting UnionPay cards. 4 million of them support UnionPay mobile payment services as well, an increase of about 1 million compared to the same period in 2018.

UPI keeps on expanding its global acceptance footprint to offer smooth payment experiences to Chinese tourists. For instance, UnionPay is accepted for the first time in Ukraine, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Chili in 2019. This way, UnionPay is expanding its global acceptance network to 177 countries and regions.

Along with that, UPI is upgrading the international add-on services of the UnionPay mobile app. As long as UnionPay updated its app to version 7.0, it now offers a wider variety of services including global card-using tips and U Plan discount codes. What is more, it provides users with a real-time tax refund, visa application for 40 countries and cross-border express delivery, etc.

In July 2019, the UnionPay mobile app launched a digital tax refund service covering more than 400 tax refund outlets in 27 countries outside mainland China. This way, users may have the taxes refunded instantly converted in renminbi (RMB) to their UnionPay cards.



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