Health Declaration Certificate is now available on the UnionPay app

UPI takes advantages of the UnionPay App by enabling an online application for the HDC

UnionPay app

Health Declaration Certificate is now available on the UnionPay app. Source:

UnionPay International has revealed that under the guidance of China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs the Health Declaration Certificate has been enabled on the UnionPay App. This means that passengers on international flights to the Chinese mainland can seamlessly pass the border control by presenting the green code on the app.

According to the press release, Chinese and non-Chinese air passengers are currently required to have their HDC checked before entering the country.

International students and overseas Chinese who have plans to return to China can receive the code after obtaining the negative results of nucleic acid and IgM antibody tests, filling in personal information and uploading relevant documents on the UnionPay App. As for Hong Kong and Macao residents, they can complete the application on the local versions of the app.

Since the pandemic started, 30 services related to health codes have been enabled in the UnionPay App for Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Hunan, Liaoning among others, covering 30 provinces and municipalities and more than 2,400 cities across China.

The Macao Health Code has also been launched on the UnionPay App as the city reopens to mainland travelers. Mainland and Macao residents can apply for the code online to easily complete health checks in daily life and at border control.

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