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4 proven ways to make money trading cryptocurrency

This blog discusses four proven ways that you can use to make money trading crypto


4 proven ways to make money trading cryptocurrency. Source:

Trading cryptocurrencies has become very popular since the debut of bitcoin back in 2009. Several online exchange platforms now exist to assist in the purchase and sale of digital currencies and trade them against each other. If you’re interested in this money-making avenue, how do you go about it? There are many ways of making money with cryptocurrencies.

This blog discusses four proven ways that you can use to make money with this trade. Here are them.

Buy and sell crypto CFDs

CFD (Contact For Difference) is a financial tool that you can use to control and margin trade on bitcoin. Any item with price flux can be traded in this form. You earn from the ups and downs differences. With CFD, you can trade 0.1 bitcoin with little deposit as a starting margin.

Investors find using this way efficient in hedging their physical portfolios more so in unstable markets. This way, you can be sure to make profits. All you have to do is hold a contract and ensure it’s in circulation; you don’t own or buy an actual cryptocurrency.

The benefits of using this method include low initial costs, profit increase, the unrestrictive opening of short/long term positions, and flexible and straightforward trading that you can do anywhere. However, before you venture into this, understand that there’s a leveraged risk and it’s not fitting for holding long-term positions.

Mine your personal cryptocurrency coins

This way can be much more difficult than others, but when done properly, you can profit more. Just like the other means, you can do mining from a computer. Nevertheless, you’ll need some software, a crypto wallet, and particular hardware.

Most people consider mining to be a company-based method and not appropriate for individual investors. Yet still, if you have what it takes to pull through, you can reap the huge returns from this way. Much of the work requires a stable supply of high electricity. On many occasions, the hardware is also costly unless during the periods when there’s a collapse in the market.


You can be sure to have high earning potential when you use the mining of coins! Source:

If you think this seems hard, try mining other currencies and then exchange them with bitcoin. Some people have found that to be successful and bring in more bitcoin. There are coins that you can mine faster than others. For instance, Litecoin or Monero is easier to do that with than bitcoin. Even so, their demand may be less; if you manage to exchange them with bitcoin, be sure to smile.

The mining industry was easy and relatively quick to earn coins in the past years, but it became more complex about 2019. Smaller miners find it harder since the professionals have developed an enormous array to mine. Joining a mining pool also can be a productive option, though, it happens at a cost. You can be sure to have high earning potential when you use the mining of coins!

Long-term investment

With this method, you have no struggles; it’s the easiest way to earn from cryptocurrency trade. You don’t have to participate in the trading itself actively; instead, you purchase a certain quantity of coins and place them in their wallets awaiting price increase. When the price does rises, you’ll make good profits. If you need to borrow some cash to grow your investment, make sure to borrow only from legit online lenders.

It’s called an investment because you put in coins that you believe will acquire more market shares later. You should thus research properly and understand this avenue before you embark on it. Optimism is a high quality required here, and it would be best if you have it.

You can invest in several available digital coins. Even so, currencies that are incredibly liquid and safe like XRP, bitcoin, and LTC are most recommended. Their popularity in the market adds to their advantage. New coins are cheaper to invest in, but they’re likely to vanish unexpectedly; you don’t need to be disappointed. Learn from those who have been using BTC in the digital trading field for years, and they’ll tell you that the earnings are enormous. If you would like to try the crypto coin business, then go for this beginner-friendly and easy-to-start approach.

Day trading

This is a short-term trade that involves holding your currency for a short time from about a few seconds to hours. The initiative is to sell it before the day ends with the hopes of gaining a small, but rapid profit. For those who want to earn faster, day trading is the best way to accomplish that goal.


You should be ready to expect drastic ups and downs in prices. Source:

It’s essential to understand all the facts revolving around this technique before you jump in. It’s not an all-persons deal and several who try it end up failing. You will intend to acquire a product at a low price and then sell it when highly-priced. The profits obtained might be insignificant, but most investors find that they end up with much profit in the end. Some of the essential things you should know before venturing into this option are:

  • Volatility. You should be ready to expect drastic ups and downs in prices. This can mean great success or a massive drop in business.
  • Targets. It’s appropriate to have set targets that are realistic based on your needs. Most day traders only aspire to earn even a 1% gain per trade. In the long run, they have large bankrolls.
  • Accept losses. Like any other form of business, you have to get ready to accept losses in crypto trade when they occur. Avoid taking high risks when this happens to recover it.
  • Stop-loss. Before you enter into day trading, establish a stop- loss (price for automatic exit from the trade)

This method costs relatively low to begin and can give quick returns if you’re successful. On the contrary, you need to have more skills. If you take time to practice and know how it operates, you’ll excel in it and possibly breakthrough. You should also be ready to give much of your energy and time to it.

The Bottom Line

This blog has only highlighted four ideal ways that you can use to earn by trading cryptocurrency. You can find help on investment decisions from other sources. Whatever the method you decide on using, ensure you know the market conditions and risks involved before starting.


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