How can I pay off a business debt with no money?

This article will focus on ways to salvage some savings for debt payment and ways to ease your credit ties in times of crisis

business debt

How can I pay off a business debt with no money? Source:

When you need to pay off business debt, it can be very frustrating. You could spend a lot of time trying to find the best solution for your situation. Most people cannot afford to make all of their payments on time each month. When you pay off business debt, you can pay off a lot of your credit card debt without having to deal with another bill in that category. You also have a lot more money coming in each month to cover the liability.

When you do not have to worry about that type of bill, it is hard to focus on paying off your other bills. The key to getting your debt paid off is doing what you can to use available resources to help you get through your financial crisis.

With a business to run, you cannot afford to be broke. It is difficult paying up your debts leave alone business debts. With no cash left to spare, you will need to find alternative ways to honor your financial obligations. This is possible when you perform a complete overhaul of your financial life. This article will, therefore, focus on ways to salvage some savings for debt payment and ways to ease your credit ties in times of crisis.

Formulate an expenditure plan

Overspending is not being broke. It means you can easily cut on your costs and turn your credit life around. If you spend all your money on non-bills and non-essentials, you are exposing your business to tough times. You will be crippling your business. You would spend more on debt repayment than using the limited cash you have to organize parties.

Make room in your expenditure plans by eliminating those bills that you can do without and focus on those you need to clear. That is why a budget is a necessary tool to carry you out of these crises. Budgeting will help you open up some money stuck on bills you don’t need. That is why you are always advised to draw your budget on a sheet.

Bad decision making will further plunge your business into difficulty. Therefore, underlining the importance of easing out some money stashed elsewhere in non-essential bills to help pay for the business debts.

Reduce spending

Diagnose your expenses. Check which ones you can reduce. Try and salvage a few coins from those expenses that are way above your average consumption. Additionally, you should cut on expenses such as television cable and other utilities that you can do without. This should be a temporary measure to help recover some funds from flexible expenses. The goal is to pay up business credits. Once it is achieved, you can go back to living your comfortable lifestyle. It should, however, be understood that you can live comfortably without necessary overspending.

Look for ways to earn extra income

Tough times call for smarter measures. You can try taking a second job or selling some goods you don’t require. Also, you can seek out for freelancing jobs. These measures will have a net positive impact on your income, hence giving you a breather.

business debt

Look for ways to earn extra income. Source:

You will not only be able to pay your credit obligations for the business, but also, you may stop to rely on it entirely. This will help in future debt repayment and growth. Furthermore, you can make this measure to be long term if you find some underlying benefits to your personal life.

Re-negotiate terms with your creditor

The best way to pay off a business debt is to negotiate a lower payment with your creditors. There is a lot of advice available online on how to negotiate with creditors and get them to reduce your monthly payments. Once you have arranged a lower payment, it will be easier to pay off your debt. This means you can finally get your life back on track and stop worrying about your debt.

Be it, suppliers of financiers, they always advance cash with some terms which define the finance, the period of payment, rates of interest, and monthly installments. If it is clear that you are broke and this is taking a toll on your business such that you cannot honor your credit obligations, then it may be time overdue to visit your creditor. Try to re-negotiate new terms of installments and interest rates. Also, by extending the term for repayment, you may have lower APRs, which will boost your growth by a few units in the long-run.

Credit consolidation

When things seem to get out of hand, you can take out a loan to consolidate the business debts. This applies as well on payment of business utilities such as power, rent, etc. Look for a loan product with favorable terms such as lower interest rates, a more extended payment period, and a lower installment. This would help you to honor your business credit obligations in real-time as well as paying for your loan without a struggle. There are many excellent SME loan offerings with low interest rate, make sure to choose the best one. Once you have signed the form, the lender will be able to check the details of your past, present, and future financial status.

Credit counseling

This is a third-party service where you involve a credit counselor to try and work out a deal with your creditors. You will be involved in coming up with your debt management plan – a tool that attempts to organize your monthly debts and a repayment plan for them. Alternatively, you can be remitting payments to the counselor who will, in turn, distribute it to the creditors according to the terms of agreements in the debt management plan.

business debt

Work out a deal with your creditors. Source:

Take a personal loan

Many personal loan products are meant for businesses. You can get a lender to advance you money with your business being the collateral. The loan will not only be affordable; it will be able to help you to service all your credit requirements for the company. This should, however, be considered in desperate times, for if you default, the lender may confiscate your property.

Take advantage of government grants

The government always has programs to protect their infant enterprises. The challenges being experienced by the SMEs cannot be overlooked; therefore, the department in charge of industrialization helps by providing grants to struggling enterprises for posterity. If it pays off, you can repay these grants, having secured the life of your business.

Avoid incurring more debts on the business

Unless you want to live in a debt cycle, do not knowingly add more debts to the existing business debts. This strangles the life out of your business. As much as it is healthy to have obligations, you should manage them to avoid a scenario where repayment may become difficult, which will kill the business. You will be tempted to take out a business credit card or any other type of financing during this period. Unless you cannot manage without it and all your doors have closed in; don’t consider adding more burden to the business.

The bottom line

To repay debt while broke requires sacrifice and dedication. Firstly, you have to manage your expenditure by cutting on unnecessary costs. This can quickly be done, creating a budget for yourself. Managing the expenditure opens up cash that was closed in that you can use to pay your debts.

These ways can help you lower your payments so you can plan your payments from a position of strength. Finally, you can apply for government grants if you qualify.


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