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5 Ways to Get a Loan with Bad Credit

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Getting approved for a loan with a bad credit score can be difficult as it shows that you might default or delay your payments. Poor credit may be caused by late payments, collection accounts, bankruptcy filing, charge-offs, and defaulting on loans. People with bad credit are seen as a credit risk.


However, accessing a loan with bad credit isn’t impossible. When applying for a bad credit loan, consider the eligibility requirements, repayment terms, interest rates, and how comfortable you’re with the lender. This article discusses five ways to get a loan with bad credit.

1.   Check your credit score and improve it if necessary

While getting a loan with bad credit is possible, knowing your credit score lets you spot negative marks on your report. Lenders may also have minimum credit score requirements that you should meet to qualify for the loan. If there are errors in the report, you can fix them before applying for the loan, boosting your credit.

Where accessing bad credit loans with a very low score isn’t possible, consider improving it before submitting your loan application to increase your approval chances. Start by lowering your credit usage and repaying some of your outstanding debts to improve your credit score.

2.   Get prequalified

Getting prequalified for a bad credit loan involves a lender prescreening you before completing an application. This informs you of your chances of getting approved, and the terms to expect should your application succeed. The pre-qualification process requires you to provide basic information to a potential lender, including the amount you want to borrow, your income, and the debt you carry.

However, these requirements may vary from one lender to another. The lender carries out a soft credit injury to determine your creditworthiness by looking at your outstanding debts and repayment history to evaluate the risk of loaning you money.

3.   Compare bad credit loan options

A poor credit score won’t qualify you for the best loan terms and rates. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t assume you’ll only get the worst available terms and rates. Comparing bad credit loans can get you a better deal. Having a good relationship with your credit union or community bank can be beneficial because if they know your spending habits, the poor credit might be alleviated by your history of having a balance in your account and timely payments.

4.   Consider adding a co-signer

Co-signers have an obligation to pay missed repayments or even a full loan amount should you fail to pay by adding their name to your primary loan application. They give assurance to lenders that the loan will be cleared. The co-signer lends their excellent credit history and credit score to help you get financing. This gets you better loan terms or conditions and low-interest rates. Consider confirming with your lender first to determine if co-signers are allowed.

5.   Assess your finances

With poor credit, taking a loan you can’t repay should be the last thing on your mind because this will only worsen your credit score. When shopping for bad credit loans, familiarize yourself with the monthly payments and when they’ll be due. If you have issues paying the loan, consider other alternatives for getting money because you don’t want a loan you can’t afford.


Accessing a loan with a bad credit score can be difficult. However, these tips can help you get a loan with bad credit.

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