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Revolut launches account for freelancers

Revolut account for freelancers will first launch in the UK and other European countries

Revolut freelancers

Revolut launches account for freelancers. Source:

Revolut has introduced a Revolut Pro dedicated account for freelancers, sole traders, contractors, and the self-employed. It will help those business categories to handle their income, payment and expense management. 

Embedded into the Revolut retail app, Revolut Pro provides a free account with no monthly fees, no deposit or balance requirements. In addition, the service offers a 1% cashback debit card. It will initially launch in selected EU countries and the UK. 

Revolut account for freelancers enables users to send transfers or instant payments to external banks, as well as other Revolut accounts.

Multi-currency payments are available with a physical or virtual card, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. In addition, users can instantly accept payments either in-person or online. This is possible with Revolut Reader, QR codes, payment links, and generated invoices. 

Revolut Pro can only serve business purposes. Revolut Pro account or Pro card cannot be used for personal transactions (as well as your personal account may not be utilized for business transactions).

“The explosive increase in gig workers, artists, bloggers, and the like alongside more traditional individual professions including private teachers, home service providers and fair vendors has driven demand for better ways for those working on their own projects, be it full time or part time, to manage income and expenses.”rn
Maria Marti Garcia, product owner, Revolut Pro


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