65% of French customers are ready to shift to digital banking

The digitization of payment methods has caused a drop in the use of cash and cheques

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65% of French customers are ready to shift to digital banking. Source:

According to the research, 1 in 5 French citizens have already used their smartphone to make a contactless payment, while 1 in 10 do so regularly.

People from 25 to 34 years old are particularly keen as 31% have already used this payment method. At the same time, the over-65s group has contributed the most with 82% of them using contactless payments.

The report also states that contactless card payments have grown by 76% over 18 months.

Meanwhile, 65% of internet-only or mobile bank customers are ready to make it their main account as the appeal of digital banks has significantly increased.

The lockdown accelerated the digitization of financial services in many respects: online purchases, using mobile payment methods, using neobanks as the main bank account... These trends did not end as we came out of lockdown, suggesting a change in behaviors that is here to stay
Paul de Leusse, Chief Executive Officer of Orange Bank

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