7 major payment trends in India: research

The research is based on digital payment trends analysis across multiple merchants and banks

payment trends in India

7 major payment trends in India: research. Source:

Wibmo, Indian payments provider, conducted research revealing online shopping behavior and drivers among Indian consumers.

  1. Indians have so-called ‘happy shopping hours’ meaning that the biggest number of transactions are done from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM. This contributes to 7.2% of the total digital payments.
  2. Flash sales are driving shopping among Indians consumers. In March, there was a boost of 8% in the number of transactions as compared to August. This implies that shopping is not limited to festive season anymore.
  3. Mobile commerce takes a bigger share of the digital payments pie. Mobile transactions account for 86% whereas desktops and laptops account for only 14%.
  4. Although transaction frequency is driven by flash sales, ticket size isn’t. On average the highest ticket size for one month was nearly $37,60 in August and the lowest was around $22,75 in April.
  5. As to the spendings by categories, 55% of Indians pay for bills and utilities, whereas 12% purchase games and entertainment. Web services and healthcare are paid the least, with 1% and 0%, respectively.
  6. As to the cross-border payments, the top 3 currencies in which Indians are transacting include Pound Sterling, Euro, and USD.
  7. The average spending on the credit card is nearly 95% more than the average spends on the debit card.
In the past few years, consumer behavior has changed rapidly, with banks and merchants having to constantly keep up with changing spend patterns. Wibmo being the leader in payment security and mobile payments in India offers insights into understanding patterns that tell us what consumers prefer while shopping online
Govind Setlur, CEO, Wibmo


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