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Over 15,000 Zoom video calls exposed on the Internet

Those video records included school online classes, personal therapy sessions, business meetings, etc

Zoom video calls

Over 15,000 Zoom video calls exposed on the Internet. Source:

Thousands of Zoom video calls have been leaked to YouTube and Vimeo. According to the statement, names and phone numbers, financial reports, intimate conversations, and children’s personal data have been exposed in more than 15,000 videos.

Just to mention, Zoom videos aren’t recorded by default. Although, the users who are hosting video calls can still save them without other participants’ agreement. At the same time, the participants will be notified whether the host started recording.

Besides, a video host has two ways of saving the recorded video call: on Zoom’s servers or their personal devices.

It has been stated that the video calls might have been recorded and uploaded onto an unrelated storage space with no passwords.




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