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80% of consumers use contactless payments: survey by Mastercard 

The poll is based on consumer behaviors in 19 countries around the world

contactless payments

80% of consumers use contactless payments: survey by Mastercard. Source:

According to the survey, 79% of respondents worldwide are currently using contactless payments amid the pandemic. The data found that shoppers have had to get used to social distancing measures when buying essentials.

The shift in consumer behavior becomes obvious at checkout, as people prefer contactless and are concerned about safety at the POS.

At the same time, 46% of people surveyed have swapped out their top-of-wallet card for one offering contactless. The numbers reveal that this proportion climbs to 52% among people under 35 years old.

The poll also highlighted that the global disruption caused the increased concern on cash usage and positive perceptions towards contactless. This way, 82% view contactless as the cleaner way to pay. What is more, contactless payments are up to 10 times faster than other in-person payment methods.

Social distancing does not just concern people’s interactions with each other; it includes contact with publicly shared devices like point of sale terminals and checkout counters. Contactless offers consumers a safer, cleaner way to pay, speed at checkout, and more control over physical proximity at this critical time
Blake Rosenthal, Executive Vice President and Head of Mastercard Acceptance Solutions

We’ve reported that amid the coronavirus outbreak, the Dutch banks allowed its customers to carry out more contactless payments eliminating the need for entering their PIN. The financial institutions believe that would slow the spread of COVID-19.



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