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A year into the pandemic, businesses still experiencing cybersecurity issues

Four-fifths of businesses still remain concerned about the security risks of employees working remotely


A year into the pandemic, businesses still experiencing cybersecurity issues. Source:

According to Thales research, 82% of enterprises are still concerned about cybersecurity risks with their employees working remotely. Managing these issues has become more challenging, with 47% of enterprises recording a rise in the severity, scope and volume of the attacks.

The number of cyberattacks has doubled from 2019 (21%) to 41% in 2020. 54% of most cybersecurity cases originate from malware, 48% from ransomware and 41% from phishing. Human error and internal threats also account for these attacks.

In fact, 35% and 31% of businesses have reported malicious insiders and human error respectively as the major causes of cybersecurity risks. External attacks account for 22%. Most businesses (46%) were unprepared to handle these risks. Only 20% were very prepared.

Although cybersecurity affected close to all industries, some were more affected than others. The retail market experienced cybersecurity attacks more than any other sector, with the industry accounting for 61% of cybersecurity issues. The legal industry accounted for 57%, telecommunications 52%, call centre 55% and transportation 54%.

As cybersecurity attacks persist, enterprises are turning to cloud data storage. 50% of businesses store over 40% of their data in external cloud environments. However, only 17% have encrypted their stored sensitive data. And now, 45% of respondents are using two Platform as a Service (Paas) or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers. 27% of enterprises use over 50 Software as a Service (SaaS) apps.

We’ve reported that over 70% of Indians are concerned about fraud amid COVID-19.


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