Advantages of having a college degree

Here are a few reasons to consider getting a college degree in 2020 and beyond

Advantages of having a college degree. Source:

The cost of post-high-school education continues to rise, and so does its value. While such advantages as better salary and job security are no-brainers, the list of benefits of a college education is longer than you may think. Here are a few reasons to consider getting a college degree in 2020 and beyond:

A college education comes with better job opportunities

More than half of all jobs require one to be a college graduate. A college education gives you access to both formal and informal employment, increasing your chances of securing employment even in the most competitive markets. It also connects you to a network of mentors, advisors, professors, and colleagues that can open channels to even more job opportunities.

It guarantees you economic stability

Over the past decade, the American economy has created more than 22 million jobs. College degree holders have nicked approximately 95 percent of those opportunities, which perhaps explains why unemployment rates for bachelor’s degree holders and high school graduates between the ages of 25 and 34 were below 4% and over 12% respectively in 2014.

It guarantees you economic stability. Source:

A study by Pew Research Center reveals that only 6% of college graduates live in poverty while an astonishing 22% of people without a college education are poor.

Getting a bachelor’s degree gives you economic stability and secures your financial future.

It has a positive ROI

Return on investment (ROI) is a concept you cannot afford to overlook when investing in something that is supposed to give back some form of economic benefit in the future. College education is pretty expensive in the USA, but, as stated above, it guarantees you more and better-paying job opportunities. While you may struggle with student loan repayment burdens, chances are high you will recover the money within the first two years of employment. Better yet, you can make use of a loan refinancing option such as the one offered here to strike a better repayment deal.

It improves your self-esteem

We live in an era where education is worshiped, perhaps because it is the surest route to financial security. For most people, degrees are more than just pieces of paper containing proof that one is qualified for a job. They provide the holder with a sense of accomplishment and boost their confidence as they go about work and other activities.

It comes with more benefits for the holder and their family

It comes with more benefits for the holder and their family. Source:

The main advantage of having a college education is the increased chance of securing a well-paying job. However, most jobs that require a college degree also tend to come with other side benefits. These include healthcare, travel, and investment benefits.

For personal development

Some job and life skills acquired in college may benefit degree holders long after their school and working years. College teaches students such things as time management, independence, self-drive, socialization, and expression. Many college programs also require students to build portfolios, participate in interviews, hold debates, and create resumes. All these will come in handy later outside the student’s career path.


Having a college education is a highly regarded achievement, and rightly so. A degree can open doors of success for you and give you the life you have been dreaming about. More importantly, it will equip you with crucial life skills that will shape and prepare you for society.


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