Sales, discounts, special offers: how business facilitates social isolation

Find out what deals and freebies available now due to COVID-19

Sales, discounts, special offers: how business facilitates social isolation. Source:

Today, it’s hard to imagine a human being, who hasn’t heard about the coronavirus. In these desperate times, a lot of people encourage others to stay cool and positive and find the good moments even in such a complex situation. Some of them say about positive aspects in the ecology situation (pollution, a decrease of coal consumption, and whatnot). Others say that the virus-related quarantine is a wonderful opportunity to spend more time with families and loved ones.

Anyways, today, PaySpace Magazine would like to talk about business initiatives related to COVID-19, and which companies and organizations are ready to facilitate the “social isolation” phenomena.

Educational resources

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Educational resources. Source:

1. Coursera

On 12 March 2020, the online learning platform Coursera announced it provided free access to its courses (Coursera for Campus), intended for college/university students. The company claims the new virus is a serious health threat, and “home isolation” restrictions affected millions of people, inter alia students worldwide. Closed campuses and canceled seminars is not a favorable situation for any student, so now, it’s possible to receive access to most of Coursera online courses.

Students can apply for courses until July 31.

2. Adobe

Adobe has also joined the trend and decided to support teachers and students with free at-home access to its Creative Cloud applications. Now, both Adobe’s higher education and K-12 institution clients can request at-home access, and it will be available until May 31, 2020. What’s more, the company offers free-of-charge 90-day access to the web-conferencing tool, called Adobe Connect. The offer is valid until July 1, 2020.

3. Class Central

Now, it’s possible to pick one of the multiple free online courses from Ivy League universities like Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Penn, Princeton and Yale on

4. News-O-Matic

This is a resource for safe/age-appropriate worldwide news. The company claims it helps to minimize educational disruption and keeps young readers informed about their world. Educational institutions and pupils are granted access to News-O-Matic now through June 30.

5. LinkedIn

If you work remotely, you should know that it’s possible to gain access to 16 of LinkedIn’s online learning courses. These programs are versatile and cover different topics and areas, video conferences leading to practical advice on how to accomplish your job from home in the best possible way.


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Entertainment. Source:

1. Pornhub

At first. one of the biggest and most famous porn sites in the world has provided free access to its premium section (Pornhub Premium subscription) for Italians during the quarantine. The site has also decided that it would send part of the monthly revenue of one of its subsidiaries (Modelhub) to Italian hospitals.

The same thing happened in Spain and France. For example, on March 17, Pornhub granted French residents free access to premium accounts after the country faced severe restrictions on movement due to coronavirus.

After that, a few days ago this adult entertainment site announced it is making its Premium subscription free for everyone across the world. Now select content is unlocked to everyone across the world until April 23.

2. Acorn TV

This streaming service works in several states, and it offers now a 30-day free trial to clients via special code FREE30 when signing up. Upon the expiration of the free trial, the service will cost $6 for one month or $60 per year.

3. DOX Channel

The documentary streaming service has a discount for an annual subscription. Now it costs $15 instead of $30. The special offer will be valid till March 31.

4. Conde Nast

Global mass media Conde Nast offers free access to Italians to its magazines Vogue, GQ, Wired, etc for Italians.

Retail and logistics


Retail and other business. Source:

  1. General Motors and Ford Motor offer 0% financing for seven years. The last vehicle financing program offered five years.
  2. Chinese ports are ready to provide shipping companies with discounts amid the outbreak of coronavirus.  An extensive list of Chinese ports and port groups are ready to temporarily reduce port charges. Namely, there are 16 of them (Guangzhou, Shanghai, Ningbo-Zhoushan, Shandong, Tianjin, Fuzhou, Zhuhai, Wuhan, Xiamen, Chongqing, Zhanjiang, port groups Anhui, Jiangsu, Liaoning, Hebei and the port operator of Beibu Bay), and their major aim is to minimize the decline in turnover due to the coronavirus epidemic.


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