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German businesses get help from new online platform

The initiative enables the owners to pay their employees, feed their families and pay their bills


German businesses get help from new online platform. Source:

According to Ecommerce News, a #supportyourlocal online platform has been launched to support German business owners. This non-profit project encourages consumers to buy vouchers so that business owners can still generate some turnover. To do so, #supportyourlocal created a list of shops, restaurants, and cafés offering online vouchers

The coronavirus and quarantine measures are hitting society hard. Many local business owners have to close but do not have the financial reserves to survive weeks without any turnover. It is to support such businesses that we have launched #supportyourlocal as a non-profit project
#supportyourlocal website

The data stated that these vouchers can then be redeemed once the quarantine measures end.


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