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Adyen announced the launch of new tech hubs in Chicago and Madrid

The company’s technology teams continue building a global platform that meets the needs of its customers


Adyen announced the launch of new tech hubs in Chicago and Madrid. Source:

Adyen has unveiled they will open new technology hubs in Chicago and Madrid.

Chicago and Madrid were strategic choices for the company, adding two new tech hubs to its list of 25+ global offices.

This extension will enable Adyen to grow its technology organizations’ global footprint, bringing technical resources even closer to its merchants and will enable Adyen to tap into diverse talent pools that will offer new sources of innovation.

The focus will be on hiring back-end software engineers, front-end software engineers, data scientists, infrastructure engineers, as well as other engineering and operational roles for the two hubs.

We’re looking forward to hiring in these two cities as we scale the team around the world. Chicago and Madrid are attractive cities to expand into given both the growing tech scenes as well as the talent pool from technical universities. We strive to have a diverse workforce, and adding people and perspectives from these two cities helps us achieve that aim
Brooke Nayden, Global Head of HR at Adyen

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