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Airbnb reveals travelers’ money spending trends

Tourists around the world are looking for the ways to get unique traveling experiences they will remember for years


Airbnb reveals travelers’ money spending trends. Source:

According to a survey conducted by Airbnb, 57% of Americans would rather spend their money on experiences over things. In addition to that, 37% of them plan to increase their spending on experiences in 2020, particularly women (39%), Gen Zers (46%), and Millennials (48%).

The study reveals American Gen Z travelers are willing to spend the most money on vacation activities, while the Traditionalist generation is the most budget-conscious.

Besides, an adventurous, outdoorsy trip is currently trending among a quarter of Americans and 32% of Millennials.

This year, Airbnb guests are also getting more connected with the earth by staying in natural settings like igloos (up 83%), with baby boomers preferring campsites (up 171%)

As to a sustainable impact, more travelers are taking the minimalist approach when it comes to planning their getaways in 2020. More than half of Americans revealed they would like to spend their money taking a long weekend trip. Meanwhile, more guests are also exploring destinations by car, with searches for listings with free parking up 46%.


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