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Blockchain startup launches crypto payment solution 

SecuX is focused on blockchain cryptocurrency hardware wallet and cryptocurrency retail payment systems

blockchain startup

Blockchain startup launches crypto payment solution. Source:

SecuX announced the launch of the first all-in-one crypto payment solution built with a blockchain hardware wallet.

SecuX Crypto Payment consists of 4 parts. The first one is White-label Mobile App (SDK) that connects to SecuX payment terminals and pays with any cryptocurrency.

The second one is a Payment Terminal/Module which can operate without an Internet connection. It’s easy to connect to any legacy POS System or install to existing vending machines.

The third is a completed Merchants Service which provides a variety of microservices in the cloud for merchants.

The last one is an optional Blockchain Hardware Wallet with a military-grade Secure Element inside. It can store and transfer merchants’ or consumers’ digital funds securely and easily.



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