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Vladimir Kuiantsev

CEO of Akurateco


With payment gateway branding becoming “the new black” in the payment industry, new players enter the market ready to beat the competition with their in-depth industry expertise and cutting-edge technologies to take payments to the next level. And one of such players is Akurateco.

An Amsterdam-based white-label payment provider is here to save the day with its two top-of-the-industry products: a fully brandable and easily customizable white-label payment gateway and Cashier, a SaaS payment platform with 70+ integrations to banks and payment methods worldwide.

We’ll look closely at both of them as soon as we explain some basic vocabulary here to stay on the same page with the readers.

What’s a white-label payment gateway?


What’s a white-label payment gateway? Source:

A white-label payment gateway is a payment solution allowing agents to resell payment software developed by paytech vendors under the agents’ names and using their brand identity. All in all, the solution allows to avoid development costs since all the development and maintenance of the gateway are solely on the vendor.

A white-label payment gateway, when chosen wisely, is easy to set up and customize to the needs of the particular business.

Akurateco’s white-label payment gateway: What’s so special about it?

1. Built by experts.

With a team of professionals that have been in the payment industry for at least a decade now, there’s no argument about Akurateco’s team expertise. And they’re eagerly leveraging this expertise for the best interests of their merchants.
Thus, the white-label payment gateway they’ve developed combines both insights coming from their years of experience and the latest payment trends.

2. Access to 70+ connectors with one integration.

Thanks to long-lasting business relations with multiple banks and payment providers, Akurateco offers a wide range of connectors. This makes them a perfect fit for merchants catering to local and international audiences. Plus, it saves you a fortune!
Each integration to a payment provider costs an arm and a leg. And it takes time to actually develop it. But here you get it all with a single integration to Akurateco gateway.

3. Easy-to-use back office.

It’s especially appealing to merchants using several payment methods. Back offices not using an intuitive design and missing on some of the important features necessary for the convenience of the user are still out there. And they happen more frequently than one would hope.
With them, a merchant loses his precious time navigating through the system. Multiply that by the number of payment methods you use – and you’ll be surprised how much time one saves with a state-of-the-art back office.

4. All data in one place.

The only way to stay on top of things when you utilize multiple payment channels is to consolidate this data. And that’s exactly what Akurateco is doing. The system gathers all data in one place offering you one-page analytics. Easily leverage it to make data-driven decisions and plan the next moves for your business.

5. A variety of integration options.

Akurateco currently offers four different types of integration including API, HPP, and mobile SDK. These types of integration ensure that any merchant no matter his business model can easily integrate Akurateco’s payment gateway.

6. Simplified checkout experience.

Personalize your customers’ checkout experience by offering them their preferred checkout to optimize their shopping experience and scale it up to their expectations.
The other product the company prides itself on is Cashier.

What’s Cashier technology?

By “Cashier” we mean a SaaS payment platform that allows merchants to access data from multiple payment channels in one place with a single integration. In other words, using this payment software a merchant can see all of his payment solutions and business activities in an easy-to-navigate back office.

Why is Akurateco Cashier beneficial for businesses?

Why is Akurateco Cashier beneficial for businesses? Source:

1. Fast integration of new connectors.

The system already offers more than 70 ready-made connectors to its merchants. However, if the necessary connector to a bank or a payment method isn’t available already, the team guarantees its fast integration in under a week.

2. +20% to the transaction approval ratio.

Thanks to the cascading feature, merchants have a chance to significantly grow their transaction approval ratio. It distributes declined transactions between multiple payment channels, and therefore, grows the number of payments approved by the system and strengthens the brand’s reputation in the eyes of financial authorities.

3. Secure fraud prevention system.

Fighting fraud is no picnic especially in high-risk industries like gambling, travel, crypto, etc. That’s why having a reliable fraud and chargeback system is imperative. In this regard, Akurateco’s got you covered.

4. Up to 30% increase in conversion ratio.

Smart routing helps merchants prevent transaction declines by routing each transaction to a channel where it’ll most likely be accepted and processed. While cascading works with already flagged transactions, smart routing grows one’s conversion ratio by times by helping transactions avoid any traction with acquirers.

5. Simplified business analytics.

In this data-driven world, it’s crucial to have access to full information. First of all, to build and improve strategic planning. Second of all, to upgrade current technologies and make the customer journey smooth and friction-free. Thanks to the simplicity of Akurateco Cashier’s analytics, both of these two goals can be easily achieved.

6. Easy export and import of third-party payment data.

Experts on the Akurateco team have made export and import of third-party payment data simple. Now, data reconciliation will be a no-brainer for any user of the system. And that’s great news!


Akurateco has truly turned their years of experience in the payment industry into two state-of-the-art payment products. Both of them simplify and consolidate data for merchants and overall, make payment analytics a breeze. Besides, they help increase one’s transaction approval ratio and improve the conversion ratio by times. Finally, they’re very flexible with the new connectors implementing a new requested integration in under a week (timing unheard among the industry giants).

So, request a free Demo of both Cashier and a payment gateway today to see their benefits for yourself.

Vladimir Kuiantsev is the CEO of Akurateco, a cutting-edge SaaS platform with 70+ connectors catering to international businesses. With 10+ years of experience in the payment industry, he’s successfully founded and grown two major payment startups before becoming an executive at Akurateco.


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