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Akurateco enters into new partnerships to expand business coverage

Akurateco has recently integrated with 3 more companies


Akurateco enters into new partnerships to expand business coverage

Akurateco, a Netherlands-based white-label payment software provider, has recently integrated with Tinkbit, Tranzzo, and Connectum in an attempt to expand their clients’ business coverage and increase their market share.

The company reports that joining forces with Tinkbit will first and foremost help customers easily weave digital currencies into their checkout experience and eliminate fraud by integrating a cutting-edge fraud and chargeback prevention system.

Akurateco’s collaboration with Tranzzo aims to make the platform a primary choice for multichannel transaction flow consolidation for ticket providers, e-commerce business owners, and online educators from all over the world.

Finally, thanks to integration with Connectum, Akurateco will now be able to offer an even wider selection of innovative global payment providers developing easy to develop, customize and manage payment platforms
Vladimir Kuiantsev, CEO of Akurateco

We’ve reported that Akurateco announced a partnership with PPRO, RBK Money, and Bennupay.


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