Akurateco to launch a new website for payment service providers

An Amsterdam-based company made an announcement


Akurateco to launch a new website for payment service providers

Akurateco, an Amsterdam-based white-label payment software provider, has launched a new website for ISOs and payment processors who want to learn more about high-end white-label technologies.

The site now offers a complete list of products provided by Akurateco including Cashier and a white-label payment gateway, as well as detailed descriptions of its services namely cascading, smart routing, tokenization, smart invoicing, and more.

Besides that, the website also provides a rich library of guides and articles covering payment processing written by industry experts.

More information can be found here.

We view this change as a way to better communicate and help our clients in learning more about both the product and the industry. We addressed the questions and issues our potential customers face most frequently and added industry-specific instructions on white-label payment processing. We’re also working on expanding our well-structured and clearly-written knowledge base to allow customers and industry enthusiasts to find helpful answers faster without the need to seek assistance of Customer support representatives
Vladimir Kuiantsev, CEO of Akurateco

We’ve reported that Akurateco entered into new partnerships to expand business coverage.


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