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Alibaba added e-business cards and Alipay services to its chat app

The company added new features to its enterprise chat and collaboration app

Alibaba added e-business cards and Alipay services to its chat app. Source:

DingTalk, Alibaba’s enterprise chat and collaboration app, which has more than 7 million business and organization clients globally, released a new function that lets users exchange digital business cards through a QR code on their smartphone or adding nearby contacts with a four-letter passcode. DingTalk users enter the passcode and then swipe up to share their e-business card with other users within 1 kilometer who have followed the same opt-in process.

Through the new feature, users can access their contact database on their mobile phones and organize them into categories, as well as record the date and location when each contact was added to help refresh their memory. They also can edit personal details to keep their contacts updated on their status in real-time. Meanwhile, employers are able to approve and certify each business card with a label, in addition to customizing the layout and linking the cards to an official company page on DingTalk.

Currently, the market leader in China among enterprise chat apps, DingTalk focuses its services on the country’s small and medium-sized enterprises as they move from handwritten leave requests and paper-based address books into the digital era.

DingTalk also announced a new suite of services created with the mobile-payments app Alipay, owned by Alibaba affiliate Ant Financial. The new tools speed up the reimbursement process for employees while eliminating the need for firms to buy additional expense-processing software. Users scan QR codes to generate e-receipts — which are then automatically saved inside the app — and they can submit reimbursement claims through the app.

Another new bill-splitting feature allows users to share payments. If anyone forgets to pay up, the system sends automated reminders, saving people from any awkward “you owe me money” conversations.

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