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Alibaba expands its presence on another Asian market

The Alibaba Group affirmed the necessity of the export industry digital transformation

Alibaba Group

Alibaba expands its presence on another Asian market. Source:

B2B marketplace marked its 10th anniversary serving Vietnamese SMEs. The company claims it helps small and medium-sized businesses of Vietnam to promote and improve themselves.

Despite the fact that Vietnam small-to-medium enterprises have strong manufacturing capabilities with more than 500,000 entrepreneurs, not many of them have launched global trading through digital channels. However, Vietnamese skilled workforce, high-quality furniture, textiles, foods, and competitive pricing make the country a preferable market for buyers using, the company says on its blog. Alibaba Group was working with five local partners in logistics and e-commerce services to support Vietnamese SMEs.

The company mentioned that there are many successful entrepreneurs in Vietnam, able to leverage the platform to enter new markets, such as the US, Russia, and Middle Eastern countries. Trần Bảo Ngọc, owner of beauty-products company M.i.i.n. Eyelash, and Vietnam Agarwood Center Director Vũ Trung Sơn are among those who have already managed to do it.

US businesses want products that Vietnamese companies sell, and’s US-based team is aggressively working to raise awareness supply from Vietnam that we offer. This will drive more high-quality buyers to our platform, and that in turn creates big opportunities for Vietnamese sellers
John Caplan, Alibaba President of North America B2B


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