Alibaba reveals how it handled 11.11 transactions hassle

Alibaba Cloud handled $38.4 billion in gross merchandise value for the 11.11 Global Shopping Festival

Alibaba Group

Alibaba reveals how it handled 11.11 transactions hassle. Source:

Alibaba Cloud announced that the Group’s full adoption of cloud infrastructure and technologies allowed it to process as many as 554,000 orders per second during this year’s 11.11, when Alibaba Group got its first billion in just 68 seconds.

What is more, the company’s core e-commerce platform withstood orders from all over the world – with zero downtime for 24 hours.

The infographic highlights more of Alibaba Cloud’s achievements. Source:

Alibaba Cloud processed 970 petabytes in that single day, which is equal to about 12,901 years of nonstop HD video recording. In addition to that, the liquid-cooling technology that Alibaba Cloud employs in its data centers saved 200,000-kilowatt-hours of energy – enough to power 18 US households for a year.


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